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Thread: Loosin' Interest? FS Seems to have lost it's Ooomph....

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    And the internet is a tremendous tool for researching all our different ailments; I always make a point of reading up on it so that before visiting the doctor I know more about it than him and can keep tabs on whether he's treating it right..

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    It's not unusual for me to fly a lot, then not at all for awhile. Haven't even started FS in almost 2 weeks. But I've found I really enjoy searching for and downloading different planes almost as much as I do flying them. I'll go to install a new one and I'll look up things about it, mostly for accuracy but curiousity as well. I research what wing & squadron a military plane belongs to and what base they fly out of. I read the histories on the different airlines, and look up the ICAO codes and callsigns. I even look for actual pictures to see what the real thing looks like. It's fun but also aircraft folder alone is 62.2 GB. Hope you find some help with the headaches...if not a cure, at least something to keep them tolerable. Most of all, don't worry about how much you fly or don't fly...the spontaneous ones are the most fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragtopjohnny View Post
    Thanks Bret ---- I'll bear that in mind. There's gotta be some cure out there.....and that's true --- covered by insurance!
    Well, covered by his insurance company at least. Can't speak for yours or others, especially with the way they do business nowadays.

    Good luck to you Sir!

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    I kinda like to follow things I have seen on the Discovery network. There is a show called "Ice Pilots" who fly out of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory in Canada. So, I took a C-46 (which is flown by Buffalo) up to Yellowknife and flew some of the routes shown on the show. I have also spent a lot of time flying out of Unalaska (Deadliest Catch) and Adak i (Coastguard). I spend a lot of time redesigning aircraft, panels, etc. and flying older aircraft in hard to reach places. FS is what you make it. There are a lot of things one can do to keep busy with FS. As with everything, my interest in anything tends to work like a sine wave. At time my interest in FS will seem to wane, after setting it aside for awhile I am always drawn back. It never really goes away. I will be a fsimmer until death. I just don't worry about it. LOL Excuse me (grabbing my binoculars) there is an aircraft passing right over my house.

    "No accidents in one year"

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