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Thread: Hay River (CYHY)

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    FlightSim: FS9/FS2004 v9.1
    Aircraft: AS 555 (Charlie Victor)
    Flight From: Hay River (CYHY) (Flight Ontario)
    Flight To: Hay River (CYHY) (Flight Ontario)
    Distance: 0 NM
    Nature of Flt: This scenery is a rendition of the Hay River (CYHY) NT, Canada Airport located on the Southern side of Great Slave Lake. This small busy airport is an important part of the moving of freight and passengers to the North. During the spring and fall when the ice roads are not passable and the waterways cannot be used these Northern airports are vital to get the essential into Northern communities. Buffalo Airways is a great user of this airport for moving freight and passengers as well as operating a fleet of fire fighting tankers.
    Flight Time: 0hr(s) / 25min(s)

    WARNING!: View slideshows at your own risk & have your popcorn ready! Perhaps coffee too!....ENJOY!


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    Wow nice cyhy scenery I hate the one I have....

    Ya it takes abut an hour to fly CYzf to cyhy in a dc3

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenvox View Post
    Wow nice cyhy scenery I hate the one I have....
    Flight Ontario just released CYHY a couple days if you're running FS9...Just click the above mentioned link

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    Fantastic set!!!

    Thanks for the scenery link...

    "Remember, All you have to do is ask."

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