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Thread: loading weights in the 727

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    Default loading weights in the 727

    I was hoping some one could help with a question when trying to load weight on the 727.

    Before starting fs9, I open the configuration manager and input the desired cargo weights then open up fs9 and uplift the fuel. Where I'm getting confused is that I see fs9 has a different payload in its load manager than what I have already put into the 727 configuration manager.

    Which payload will I actually be flying when I'm ready to take off, the weights that are calculated in the DF 727 configuration manager or the weights already installed by default in the fs9 load manager?

    Thanks for any help, Steve

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    The ones in FS9 are going to be correct. How different ar the two numbers? Are you using the correct cargo version that you loaded weights for?

    I have 4 cargo varients:

    727-100 Cargo
    727-200 Cargo
    727-200 Super27 Cargo
    727-200 Winglet Cargo

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