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Thread: Using Runways as Taxiway.

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    Reggie is spot on(as usual). At a Controlled Airport, runway entry permission is a Tower function only and reasonably so...Don
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    I suspected that Sudbury has recently lost the manned tower, but as far as FSX is concerned, Sudbury still has a tower.

    Thank you for the info.

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    I thank you all for all that Info,
    I am only a simmer, but I do like to know some of these things that FS does not do properly. And in this case, FS is missing some of this interaction protocol to get tower's permision to taxi down the runway on which you need to take off from. This is what I originaly suspected was the proper procedure, but FS was giving me "permision to take off" ecen though tasi A comes in at the wrong end for RWY 12.

    Again, Thank You

    Michel E Paquette

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