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Thread: GoFlight GF46 question

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    Has anyone had any experience using the GF46 module?

    Does it have the ability to set altitude, CRS and speed?

    I was thinking of getting this module.

    was also thinking about getting a cheap USB numerical keypad, which I would use to control all the functions of the autopilot, such as app, spd, auto throttle on/on, nav, gps etc.

    I was opting over this configuration rather than the saitek multi panel, which I have seen some poor reviews and poor youtube demos of.

    A tight budget means having to be careful about the options available.

    Thanks for your input

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    I started with a GF-45 and a P8 pushbutton module. When used with the P8 module, the GF-45 or GF-46 can be used to control heading, course, speed, altitude, etc as well as setting transponder, com/nav frequencies among many other things. They're very versatile modules!! I hope this helps..

    Best Regards,
    Lindle Romero

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    Thaks for your reply.

    Can the 46 be used on its own without the p8 button thing you mentioned?

    I thought it had a selector button on the unit you use to cycle through the different modes?

    I was thinking of getting a cheap USB numerical keypad to set the autopilot buttons.


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