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Thread: Airline Sharks - a 3d board game coming soon

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    Default Airline Sharks - a 3d board game coming soon

    greetings all. Well, I took a break from such serious sim development, and decided to create something more light-hearted, and suitable for the entire family. Airline Sharks is an airport-styled game with monopoly-like gameplay!. Up to 6 players pick an airline and compete to acquire property leases at 15 airports. Additional terminals can be built on each property with the ultimate expansion, a control tower. Other players must pay rental fees when parking on the ramp at each stopline in front of each airport. The goal is to dominate the game board by eliminating your competition and lease all of the airports. The game is planned for release on March 15, 2012, and is pre-selling now at

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    There is also a facebook page if you're interested.!/pages/Air...76620119072250
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    TOWER CAB ( coming soon.

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