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Thread: Can you have VASI Lightes

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    Exclamation Can you have VASI Lightes

    Is there any way i could use Visual Approach Slope Indicator lights??? They are the lights that light up depending on if your on the Glide slope or not. I really want to try that out!

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    Plenty of airfields in FS9 have them.

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    Can you name some??

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    Quote Originally Posted by chimps View Post
    Can you name some??
    Just about all airfields with a concrete runway have VASI lights in FS9...........KFRG?

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    Typically the only large runways *without* VASI/PAPI lights are the ones that also have an ILS. Then you use the glideslope needle instead, once you tune in the ILS frequency.

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

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    I found some like Meigs Airport so thank you very much which doesnt exist, but I like to fly around Chicago cuz its my hometown Go Chi city!!!

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