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Thread: Approach Hold Switch Anyone? (whats it do?)

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    Hole Guest

    Default Approach Hold Switch Anyone? (whats it do?)

    IM still getting to grips with FS2002 and learning the various Stuff such as ILS approaches etc... but one thing escapes me.. in the bigger planes u have a button Named APR (approach Hold Switch?) i cant for the life of me find any info in the manual about what this Switch does.. Anyone able to enlighten me plz

    Many Thanks


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    bjdavis Guest

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    As I remember the Approach Hold is for tracking an approach course at a localizer only airport. This will track a beam along the runway course but provides no altitude guidance only general course.

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    The APR switch allows you to fly an approach to an airport with an ILS automatically. What you do is enter the ILS frequency of the runway you are landing at. Then fly the entry per the instructions from ATC (or just enter approximately 2000' AGL at about a 15 degree angle) and press the ATC switch so it is engaged. When you enter within the approach angle on the ILS and the altitude angle the autopilot will engage and maintain the descent to the runway. Just watch your airspeed and all you have to do is finish the landing over the threshold of the runway. I hope that explains it........

    Dave Turner

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    Larger airports have, on most runways, a device called an ILS (Instrument Lamding System) It consists of two parts, 1) a localizer, which steers an airplane to the center line of the runway, and 2) a glideslope, which of course is the descent to the ground. These are broadcast on a frequency specific to that runway. That frequency must be tuned in to the nav 1 radio on your airplane

    Approch the runway you want to land on about 15 miles out (if your a newbie) at about 90 degrees to the runway heading, and about 2000 feet above ground level. Just before you intercept an imaginary line drawn straight out from the runway, turn 60 degrees towards the runway. Ensure your autopilot is on, and The APR (Approach Hold) button on the autopilot is on. Once your airplane intercepts the localizer, it will turn and fly towards the runway. Shortly it will intercept the glideslope and your descent will start. Get gear down, set approach and landing speeds, set flaps as required. About 200 to 300 feet above ground level turn autopilot off, and manually fly the remaining distance down and keep as much on the centerline as possible. (This all assumes good weather of course).

    Hope this helps, Happy landings - Roger

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    Hole Guest

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    Thanks Guys, Ive been landing My Planes with the ILS system but handling the Altitude myself.. Didnt know that the You can have it do the Glideslope decent too...Ive Probably never been Patient enough to see the APR in Action.which perhaps explains why ive never got it working.. I do have a question tho.. How do you know when the Glidescope has been intercepted and locked in? Does it tell you this somewhere?

    Many Thanks once again... I`ll go try it... Now


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    still_hovering Guest

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    assuming you have alt and v/s activated in your a/p, their lights will go out as soon as APR has activated altitude as well. can no longer control altitude and v/s, apr will do it for you.

    a tip is also that before activating APR, make the plane "dirty", that is; slow down to landing speed, ie 150-170 kts, full flaps (probably) and gear down.

    otherwise APR gets confused if you for exampl. lower gear and therefore alter flight dynamics...

    //Leif "Still_Hovering" Almberg

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    As well as noticing that your altitude hold light goes out, on the side of the HSI you will see the glide slope indicator. As you approach a glideslope the pointer is at the top of the scale. The pointer comes down the scale the closer you get to the slope. It will lock on to the glideslope when it reaches the center of the scale. Watch your vertical speed gauge. It will show you when the plane has started to descend.

    Have fun - Roger

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    Hole Guest

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    Thanks again Chaps...Works good now..Just completed my first truely Automated landing apart from the Flare... Yea i used to use the glidescope indicator to land the plane using ALT Hold button setting this to 0000 and adjusting the decent value so that the indicator would be around the middle... Now i dont have to worry about such things...

    FS2002 Rocks... Now i only Wish id bought the Pro Version and not the A combat Fan id never have guessed how much fun Civil Flight sims can Be..

    Hole :)

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    Oh you idiot :D

    Here is an excellent site on how an ILS works. Enjoy!


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