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Thread: release droppable objects = object collision crash

  1. Default release droppable objects = object collision crash

    I have the weirdest bug in my FSX Acceleration program. Every time I release a droppable object I get an immediate end of mission/flight with the "Object Collision" notation. It doesn't matter whether I use a keyboard combo or assign a button Thrustmaster HOTAS X, the end result is the same. I think the first time I noticed it was after I tried to do a combat mission w/ my (legitimate) Iris PC-9. I thought maybe the bug was in that aircraft but it does it with the default Beaver when I fly the Tassie I adventure mission as well . In the "Lost in the Triangle" mission I can release both cargo pods from the Lear without an issue.

    Anyone else have or had a similar problem?

    Thanks in Advance.

    M. Slim

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    I have Acceleration on Win 7 64 bit and had to turn off detect collisions with other aircraft (crash detection on) to prevent a crash when dropping an object. I had the problem on XP but never identified the cause.

    Jim F.

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    I had a similar promblem as well. I determined that the issue was with the aircrafts C.O.G, and the corresponding contact points in the aircraft.cfg (or something). I suspect that it is just a bug with some of the aircraft, and/or what the aircraft is doing at the time of release. Is it happening when the aircraft is climbing/descending?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandjfrench View Post

    had to turn off detect collisions with other aircraft (crash detection on) to prevent a crash when dropping an object.

    Jim F.
    This fix eliminated the condition with the DH Beaver. I will try it w/ the Iris PC-9 combat scenario and see if it works also. I wonder if the airplane "sees" the dropped object as another nearby aircraft and interprets it as a collision?? Maybe because the "Lost in the Triangle" Lear is doing 250 KIAS it sees no conflict w/ the dropped object? Or.. it could be as blackout11c says and has to do w/ contact points.
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    Yes, the droppable objects are other aircraft. This is because the droppable objects are also simobjects, they all have the .cfg's. This means that they are interpreted as other vehicles (not just aircraft), and then cause a collision. I revise my previous post - turning off collisions is the only way to fix this, unless your aircraft is travelling fast enough for the object to clear the collision boundrys before FS reads a collision.

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    Turning off the crash detection will certainly fix this crash problem, but in the case of missions, you loose all other crash detection capability. A simple change to the aircraft.cfg file solves this problem WITHOUT turning on "Crash Detection". Check out Forums at for this solution and many more that plague FSX.

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