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Thread: What all aircraft has everyone flown in? (Real Life)

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    As P1,
    T22 Glider(RAFGSA)
    Pa 180 Cherokee
    As P2
    DH Chipmunk T10
    Gloster Meteor T7
    Taylorcraft Auster(RAFGSA)
    As ballast
    HS 748
    As a passenger
    BAC 111
    Vickers VC10
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    B752- American Airlines
    B77W-American Airlines
    B738- Ryanair
    A319- EasyJet
    AT7- Air Lingus
    B763- American Airlines
    A320- Jetblue
    B737- United
    B752- Delta Airlines
    A319- US Airways

    Hot Air Balloons:

    RVB SS-32-PAN - Pandy
    Sproul 72K-TET - Star Tet
    Aerostar S53A Aurora 69K - Sofie
    Aerostar RXS8 105K - SkyBluePink

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    I'm going to try to remember all the ones I have been on over my lifetime.
    Cessna 172 Skyhawk
    Cessna 177 Cardinal
    Piper Saratoga

    ATR-72 (American Eagle)
    Airbus A310 (Lloyd Aero Boliviano)
    Airbus A319/A320 (Frontier Airlines)
    Boeing 727-100/200 (Lloyd Aero Boliviano, Aerosur, American Airlines)
    Boeing 737-700 (Southwest Airlines)
    Boeing 737-800 (American Airlines)
    Boeing 757-200 (American Airlines)
    Boeing 767-200/300 (American Airlines)
    Boeing 777-200 (American Airlines)
    Bombardier CRJ-700 (American Eagle)
    Embraer 145 (American Eagle)
    McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series (American Airlines)
    Saab 340 (American Eagle)
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    I have probably flown in lots of different types of commercial planes, but here are the planes I actually have time in.

    Maule M-7 (Wheels, Floats)
    Cessna 120 (squirreliest plane ever)
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    Schweizer 2-32
    Cessna 150
    Cessna 172
    Piper J-5A
    Schweizer 2-33 (front seat, this time)
    Texas to New Orleans, can't remember
    Twin engine used as passenger plane (the other guys came out looking like they survived a brush with death
    A few others that I can't remember if they are the same as ones I listed or not.

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    A southwest airlines Boeing 737... and that's it. Seriously, I don't get out much! LOL If I fly once every 10 years that's a lot.

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    Actually flying: Tiger Moth, Vampire T2 Trainer, Cessna 72 and I've done a deck-landing (sitting in the second seat!) the latter was on a straight-deck ship, we were brought in by a bat man - pre the mirror landing aid. (Guess my age).


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    Mine don't create a particularly impressive list, but at the controls...

    DH Chipmunk.
    Slingsby Firefly (A horrible aeroplane. I didn't like it and it didn't like me)
    Slingsby Venture
    Cessna 150
    Cessna 150 Aerobat
    Cessna 152
    Cessna 172
    Piper PA38 Tomahawk
    Beagle Pup Series 2 (oh I did like this one)

    Whoops... Forgot my trial twin flight in a Beech Duchess. Really enjoyed it, with an interesting lesson on engine out handling.
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