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Thread: PMDG JS4100 Nav lights and cockpit lights

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    Default PMDG JS4100 Nav lights and cockpit lights

    I don't know if this is supposed to happen, but whenever I turn the JS4100's NAV lights on, my cockpit flood lights (not panel flood lights) turn off. The reason I ask is because I modified the aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg files to get shockwave 3D lights working and thought that maybe the config settings I found online were a bit off.

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    other than popping the shockwave entry to the panel config, you shouldn't need to do anything else. It shouldn't have effected that... what settings did you change?
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    Well that's the thing. I made sure that I was very careful in editing the cfgs. I pasted the shockwave lines and commented out the original lines instead of overwriting them (I probably should have made backups as was advised). I then noticed this NAV light business and thought that it was a bit odd, so I then went back to the cfgs, deleted the added shockwave lines and uncommented the original lines. But I still found that the NAV light strangeness continued. I may be completely wrong and this could in fact be how the JS4100 lighting system is meant to function, but it would be nice to know that this is the case and that I did not screw anything up with my edits.

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