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    I have recently downloaded a number of sound files including one for the default Boeing 747_400. Correct me if I am wrong but the sound file for this a/c defaults to the 737_800 sound file (alias=B737_800\sound) which I assume means both a/c have the same engine sounds etc. The also defaults the same way so again I assume a 747 aircraft in traffic makes exactly the same sounds.

    My question is:- If I replace the sound file with the one downloaded do I have to change anything in the file? Am I right in assuming if I leave it alone, 747 aircraft in traffic will retain the 737_800 sounds? I don't really see the need to change AI aircraft to the new sounds as for me they are mainly there for a "look see" at other traffic.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

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    It sounds to me like you have a grasp of it. You can either replace the default sound folder(overwrite=yes) by putting your new sound folder directly in the 747's main folder or name the replacement folder something like sound.747 and change the aircraft.cfg to call that one. ie: sound=747.
    With no other changes, your 747 AI will still still use the aliased B737 AI sounds(alias=B737_800\soundai). The "" sets are low Q, to help with performance...Don
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    Thanks for the reply. Everything is up and running OK. Now I understand why 3rd party jet aircraft files default to the 737 sound where possible. It is obviously easier to use the existing one rather than go to a lot of effort and create a custom sound file.

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