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Thread: Headphones Problem - FSX - Can't Hear Engines

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    Default Headphones Problem - FSX - Can't Hear Engines

    Okay I have bought myself a new computer and I have finished setting it up and that. I play FSX (Flight Simulator X) but I have one problem:

    When I use my headphones I can only hear the pilots talking but I can't hear the engines or the sounds such as the 'No Smoking' sign going on and off. The engines are completely silent even though they're on.

    So basically, I can hear the pilots talking and the control tower giving me instructions but I can't hear my engines or the sounds such as 'No Smoking'

    If anyone gives me a solution to fix this, I'll +Rep you and give you a 48 hour trial!

    PS: I'm using headphones because when I ordered the computer, I forgot to order speakers.

    PPS: I have tried most things such as checking the headphones, audio output ect...

    Thanks guys.

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    Options/settings/sound..Sounds and Voice mapped to the same output? If that doesn't help, try plugging your headset into the speaker jack around back...Don
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxsttcb View Post
    Options/settings/sound..Sounds and Voice mapped to the same output? If that doesn't help, try plugging your headset into the speaker jack around back...Don
    do you get +rep for that?

    whats wrong with the monitor? surly that has sound

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    Cool A solution, better late than never

    You probably solved your problem a long time ago but I hope this helps those like me who are new to this and are facing the problem.

    I had the problem of no engine sound playing from my F1 Tech Aircrafts and some of the default airplanes in FSX and even P3D.

    I tried everything but finally:
    Since I have Asus Realtek HD Audio, i found that in "Sound Effects > Environment" you need to set that to "Generic" and the engines come on again and all is well.

    It probably is the same problem with other audio cards. The problem is definitely that of the hardware not the software.

    By the way you do not have to launch FSX or P3D to test this, just double click the "rpm or var" sound files of the airplanes folders in the SimObjects folder in the FSX or P3D program folders.


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    If set up properly the only thing you hear thru headphones is ATC. All other sounds will come from the speakers. Make sure the sound device settings in control panel match the settings in Fsx.
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    Default Headphones Problem - FSX - Can't Hear Engines

    Bruce, a late response, but try the setting for sounds in FSX ioptions I think) it allows u to select a different output source for sound and for voice! However, I do not seem to be able to have that stick? It reverts to the default speakers every restart of FSX.

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    I am able to select speakers for other sounds, and select headphones for ATC.
    Two separate sound cards are needed.

    That used to work flawless in XP. XP it was possible to use two programs at ones coming through different devices.
    That way I was also able to do voice communication with online players through the headset. (Mumble - program). And hear all FSX sounds through the other device. This worked with two PCI sound cards installed.

    Or hear for example a cd through the speakers, and all fsx sounds on the headset.

    Now I have Win7-64b I can't do that anymore. One sound device at a time only it seems. I was not able to hear a cd through one thing and fsx through the other. I did try u, using a PCI card and onboard, as well as with my headset, but no luck.

    But, I have only one sound card at the moment installed, but I can hear FSX voice (ATC) through the headphones. And all other sounds on the headset. Set up inside FSX in options-Sounds--
    This is saved and still works after closing and restarting fsx. I just tried and it worked fine.
    (have not tested if ok after cold reboot. But I expect it to still work.)

    I need to explain here I do not use a second PCI card now to do this, but a wireless headset. It connects through a wireless 2.4ghz usb dongle. (NOT Bluetooth) (I think it's a Logitech Clearchat.)
    Technically this dongle works the same as a SoundCard. It is plugged into a USB port directly, and is recognised in windows as a new device that requires a driver.

    Anyway, I set up the sounds in fsx, ATC comes through the headphone and the rest through the speaker.
    If I close fsx (always close correctly -End flight-Yes-close fsx-yes-, don't just click the x in the corner. That way everything gets saved correctly to the fsx.cfg file.) the setting is retained.
    When I restart fsx, this same is still set up the same way.

    Regarding music while you fly...
    I was not able to play a cd and listen to it while also hearing the fsx sounds. I tried twisting Win7's arm, but got nowhere fast.
    But... I did manage to work around it. If I open the BROWSER in the background and listen to an internet radio station, then switch back to fsx or start fsx, I hear both the internet radio and fsx sounds at once.
    Need to twiddle the volume each time. Usually reduce the sound of the internet radio station, but it's great!!

    The sound from the radio comes through the device that is set as default device in Windows.

    I always see FSX as sort of bypassing Win's sound setup, and allowing another sound system to be opened for ATC.
    Probably a wrong way of looking at it, but to me that's enough of an explanation. Plus it makes me feel better about FSX, so I keep it in.

    Just thought of something:
    (when I plug in the dongle that becomes default device in Windows. I then need to go into control panel and change the default device to the (wired) speakers.
    -Then set it up in FSX. With engine on speaker, and ATC on headphones.

    If I don't change the default device in Windows, I would have the radio and ATC both on the headset. Gets confusing in a tight approach.

    This is all retained after closing and restarting FSX.
    But... If I unplug the headphones and plug them in again... They are the default device again and I have to set it up again.)

    Could that be what's happening in your case. You have two cards I think (PCI and Onboard perhaps?) Are you perhaps unplugging the headset and replugging it before starting fsx again??

    Hope this rant helped

    Willt try a cold reboot and add the result inside this same post in a short while.
    ** Yes, it is retained after a cold boot too. Engine sounds are still assigned to the speaker (default device, onboard audio), and ATC is still assigned to my headphones.
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    Thank u il88pp, this was an elaborate and enlightening post

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