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Thread: What is the best flight simulator?

  1. Exclamation What is the best flight simulator?

    Hello, new to the forum and it's been a while since I've had a flight simulator. I used to have Fly!2K and it really got me hooked on flight simulation but don't have the game anymore nor on this laptop and it's been a few years. Have their been any new flights sims come out that are better than Fly!2K was or should I just go back to it again? I have tried Microsoft Combat Flight Sim. before and wasn't impressed much by it. I don't really want a game to fly 'missions'. I really want something like I had with Fly!2K in that it was like really sitting in the cockpit of a plane and trying to figure out the control panel to get the think fired up and being able to fly anywhere with lots of different planes. Thanks anyone for advice. I just can't believe that flight simulation isn't bigger than it seems to be by now. I guess after 9/11 it seems it went downhill or companies were afraid to get into it or something I guess. Thanks again. Dave

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    Welcome to the Forums, Dave. We're alive and well here! The membership seems to have steadily grown, and waxes/wanes with the seasons.

    The MS Flight Simulator offerings are, IMO, the best at simulating the RW aspects of flight. There is also X-Plane which isn't bad.
    FSX has more eyecandy than FS9, but requires a much more powerful computer to get performance and be able to use high graphics settings to look better than FS9.

    If you post your computer specs; CPU and it's speed, Video Card, Operating System, and Memory, we can give a good recommendation on what will work well.

    Most Laptops will just plain struggle with FSX. FS2004cof(FS9) will run a lot better on any speed challenged computer.
    Look for 3.0GHz+ to run FSX low-mid, 3.5GHz mid-high, 4.0GHz+ high+, 4.5GHz+ nirvana.
    Those settings are generalizations. Video card, HD speed and RAM will also affect game play.
    Embedded video solutions are getting better, but, a discrete Video card will be much better when the graphics sliders are bumped up.

    Seeing as you are new here, I recommend reading the stickies at the top of Newcomers and FSX Forums. Knowing how to ask, and what to include, is half the battle...Don
    HAF 932 Adv, PC P&C 950w, ASUS R4E,i7-3820 5.0GHz(MCR320-XP 6 fans wet), GTX 970 FTW
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    Hello !

    My favorite flight simulator is X-Plane. The best you can do is to try several simulators and make your own choice:

    - Laminar Research X-Plane 10 Demo:
    - Laminar Research X-Plane 9 Demo:
    - Microsoft FSX Trial version:
    - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D: (it's $10 for a month, buy you can find keys in forums or in magazines for a free trial)
    - Microsoft Flight: 1st beta in January 2012 ?
    - Microsoft FS2004: no demo or free trial but it's still possible to find shops where you can buy it

    Please don't forget, a demo or trial will not show you everything. Most flight simulation enthusiasts here are using add-ons.

    You can also find free software flight simulators:

    - FlightGear:
    - Fly! Legacy:

    Happy flying !
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    Wow. I was thinking that any of the newer computers would pretty much handle any of the old software/flight sims fine as fast as they are now! Now that you posted the specs I'm not so sure about mine. Here are my specs.

    HP G71 Notebook
    Processor: Pentium Dual Core T4300 @ 2.10 Ghz 2.10 Ghz
    4.00 GB (RAM)
    Graphics just says Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (under display adapters in device manager)

    64 Bit OS
    Windows 7 Home Premium

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    That is not a newer gaming laptop, especially with a mobile graphics chip. Do not even try FSX and if you get FS04 you are not going to get very good graphics because of that chip.

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    If you also like Soaring - in addition to propelled planes - condor is by far the best :

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    You may be hard pressed for FS9 you may even see if FS2002 might still be around to use on that one. Since at least in FS2002 hardware isn't that much of a problem. That is if you go to the MS selections.

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    Flight simulators appeal to a large variety of people as they could be utilized at home for fun or to prepare pilots in training. I have used Microsoft's flight simulators for years.

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    I've flown FS9 since it was first released. Just as it loaded up from the disks. I think it's the best of the flight simulators. All my settings are at the maximum ultra high. Runs at 40 FPS.

    HP 15.6" Laptop 4GB 500GB | 2000-2b29WM series

    •Screen Size: 15.6"
    •Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768
    •Processor Type: Intel
    •Processor Model: Pentium B960
    •Processor Speed: 2.2GHz
    •4gigs of ddr3 ram

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    FSX + addons.
    Intel i5 3570 3.4GHz, HIS Radeon HD 7850, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, Samsung 22" Full HD LED, Win 7 64 Bit,

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