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    I dowloaded VasFMC 2.1 which i think is the latest version. It doesnt seem to work i get the error message "could not open airport file ./navdata/airports.txt Make sure you have the navdata installed!"

    how do I install the navigation data into the vasFMC installation directory? and where do i get it from? is it freeware?

    My second question is what aircraft will this work on? default jets (i hope) or just PDMG stuff?

    kind regards

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    Im on the verge of giving up with this programme, does anyone else use this that can help?

    I spent hours watching tutorials, and i know how to navigate the system, i can chose my route and SIDS etc sort out the take off speeds and all the rest of it.

    But when it comes the flight, as soon as i take off a loud alarm sounds, it doesnt follow the route on Vasfmc's little radar (you can clearly see the route and waypoints)

    i enter my altitude on the FMC and it totally disregards it in flight,

    you cannot touch the autopilot, the altitude is at 0000 as soon as you change it it goes straight back to 0000

    i cant listen to those alarms anymore!! what am i doing wrong?

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