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Thread: List of Defaut Droppable Objects

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    I have done some searches and came up empty. How would I go about finding a list of the default droppable objects that come with FSX. They are in the SimObjects/Misc folder. I have so many in my folder, collected over the years. I would like to know for mission making purposes. If one is added to a mission it would be nice to know that all users have the object included in their folder by default.

    Any help sent my way would be appreciated.

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    I've got Bucket, Cargo Pod, ControlTower, Flour Bomb, Food_pallet, TBM_Avenger_Ghost and Waterdrop.

    There all have the same date and my system is pretty close to being a clean install (only a handful of planes and scenery)

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    Thanks for the reply. Unless there are more answers in the future(to verify your answer) I will go with the assumption that what you have listed are the default items and work from there.

    Thanks again, this is proof once more, that this is the top site to go to for FSX related questions.

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