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Thread: Black Aircraft Preview Window Problem

  1. Default Black Aircraft Preview Window Problem

    Sometimes, when I start up FSX, the aircraft preview window in the user interface comes up completely black. When it is in this state, it appears to otherwise function normally but, when I try to launch a flight, it switches to windowed mode instead of full screen, the progress bar goes to 100% very quickly and then FSX crashes (the Windows Task Manager shows that it is not responding).

    It used to do this only very rarely but now it does it quite frequently. When I start FSX for the first time, after booting up my PC, it always does it. When I close FSX and start it again, it's usually ok. Then, after that, it's a bit intermittant. When it first started happening, I always used to get an "FSX is not reponding" dialog appearing when I shut it down but now I don't; it just closes normally.

    The problem first began occurring on a regular basis after I installed FSDreamteam's Las Vegas airport which uses their Add-on Manager program for license management and I suspected this at first. However, uninstalling it did not make the problem go away. No-one else who has these add-ons has reported this kind of problem on their forum, either.

    I've read of someone else who did have this problem on another forum and he fixed it by reinstalling FSX. I've got so many add-ons for it now that this would take months so I'd rather not go down that path. I know that you can just do a repair of FSX and save all the config files so you can, theoretically, restore everything afterwards but this sounds a bit risky. Has anyone got any other ideas about how to fix this?
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    Posting your computer and os specs is the first step in getting help.

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    System Specs:

    Windows 7 64-Bit
    FSX + Acceleration
    nVidia GTX460 1 GB VRAM with latest drivers installed
    Quad Core Intel CPU
    8 GB RAM

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    I can tell you right now -- used to happen to me with Drivers.

    Update your video Drivers right now and see if it fixes it

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    I already have the latest drivers installed - Version 285.62 of the nVidia 64-Bit Windows display drivers. Perhaps I need an earlier version.

    I don't know if it's significant but the problem is much more likely to occur if I have FTX turned on (NA or AU). I usually have to start and shutdown FSX three or four times before it'll start normally without the black preview window when I have FTX activated.

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    If only recently replaced drivers, check you don't have duplicate entries for graphic card drivers in the FSX.cfg. This has been covered many, many times.

    When replacing drivers you manually check FSX.cfg to ensure the old have been removed, AND rebuild shader cache.

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    I checked my FSX.cfg file and there was an old [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+.0] entry in there from my previous graphics card which I replaced ages ago, long before this problem cropped up. Anyway, I deleted the old entry and I deleted my shader cache and let FSX recreate it as you suggested. The problem's still there, though.

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    I had this happen after I installed FS Recorder.

    Didn't happen every time I started FSX, probably 30% of the time roughly.

    Uninstalled FS Recorder & it hasn't happened since.

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    I haven't got FS Recorder but it probably is something to do with one of my other many, many add-ons. It's definitely much worse when FTX is turned on. I tried to use it today with FTX turned on and it took me more than half-a-dozen goes (I don't give up easily) starting and restarting FSX before it finally started without the black preview window. This should probably tell me something. Perhaps I should ask FTX on their forum if they know what's causing it.

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    I've discovered the cause of this now. It was my dll.xml file. I removed all the entries from it (after making a copy) and then tried starting FSX with FTX enabled (which was always guaranteed to produce the fault). FSX started ok and did so again and again on subsequent attempts. So then I tried putting back the entries from the original file starting with the suspect FTX ones and the FSDT Add-on Manager and tried starting FSX. That worked ok so I carried on like that. I discovered two entries related to aircraft that I'd uninstalled a long time ago so I left them out. Now I've put everything else back in (in a different order to before) and FSX starts beautifully every time with no black aircraft window. I've absolutely no idea why but there you go.

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