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    In North America the TV show "Worst Case Scenario" (survival type tabloid) aired a segment this evening where a guy who was totally afraid of flying landed a small single engine plane successfully (second approach) in significant crosswinds. By no way was it a greaser, he sure planted it, but it makes ya wonder what our lot could do. The day before, he had intro ground school for 3 hours plus 3 hours on a laptop sim (dunno which). He had a few more hours on the laptop in his hotel room early the next morning before his flight.


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    Yeah, I saw it too.

    Using a Cherokee, if I remember correctly. The funny thins is, they didn't tell his wife until the morning he was to try it.

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    Years ago in Alaska, a wife took just a few hours of ground school and the next day she and her husband took off in their Super Cub from Fairbanks International and just after lift off, the man suffered a massive heart attack. She was able to lean forward and pull him back off the stick so she could keep the plane straight and level. Thank God (hope I don't get sued for saying that) it was a CAVU day so she just kept flying and got on the radio which was already set for tower. The tower got someone up real fast who pulled up along side the cub and calmed the lady down and after a while and some practice doing turns, etc. they headed in for a landing. The chase plane stayed along side as long as he could and the lady landed and bounced real bad but she got it on the ground even though it ended up upside down and she walked away. Another example where a little knowledge helps and really flightsim could do almost the same thing in an emergency. Radio knowledge really helps.

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