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    Hey guys I need to know where I can find skai traffic. The complete version because win rar keeps saying enter next file to skai traffic 1 so I need help please!!!

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    From what I've read on forums it's a bunch of "borrowed" packages, compiled into one.
    The composer didn't bother to ask permission to the authors of the original flight plans either.
    You won't find anything new in there AFAIK. Dump it.


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    Alright thanks do you know of any other freeware traffic thats good? I have tried woai but it wont work for some reason unless you know how to get to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by a300b4f View Post
    I have tried woai but it wont work for some reason, unless you know how to get to work
    Tiny nuance: I didn't "get it to work", it just worked.
    The "some reason" for which it doesn't work with you will remain a mystery without additional info.

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    okay sorry? I have downloaded that windows thingy that is required and still everytime i open the installer it pops up a error and then it says the installer wont respond thats my problem

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