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    Default GoFlight... not....

    I eagerly unpacked all of my new GoFlight stuff today. Looks good, I'm excited.
    I hooked it up according to the instructions. Set it up and nothing responds in the FSX.
    I have a MCP-Pro, a WP-6, and a T8. They are recognized by the GF software the WP-6 and T8 light up in configuration mode but there is no response from the MCP-Pro. I;ve downloaded and reinstalled the software from GoFlight. Their technical support number has been disconnected.
    My computer is a Gateway Intel Core i7 with Vista Home Pro 64 bit.

    Should I box all this stuff back up?


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    Does Windows recognize the hardware?

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    I use Go Flight. Did you program each switch individually on your WP-6 and T-8? I have a rack that I've been using since 2002, and they work splendidly. I'd even try uninstalling/reinstalling the software and see where it goes from there.

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    The GoFlight config recognizes all of the hardware. The annunciator panel and switch panel are 'configurable'. It shows the MCPPro so I'm assuming it sees it. When I launch FSX none of the panels talk to FSX.
    Since My last post i have:
    Uninstalled GoFlight
    Uninstalled everyting Saitek
    Run CCleaner to clear out all old registry entrys (repeated the process several times until it came up clean)
    Restarted it, cleaned it again.
    I then reinstaled the latest and greatest GFConfig_Setup_2_03
    I have left the FSUIPC4 in place.
    When I restart the machine the Saitek x52 and rudder peds are recognized and continue to work.
    No luck. The only response I get from the MCP is very low level LED illumination. They are all the same and when I push the panel brightness UP in the control panel, the LED illumination goes down.

    Windows does give me the USB two tone whenever I plug or unplug any of the GF panels and I've tried different USB configurations hub and direct.
    Right now I'm installing FSX on a brand new Windows 7 machine with the new GF controller - nothing else.
    Hopefully it will tell me if the MCP even works....
    still Stumped.

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    OK, same thing on the Windows 7 computer - is it a bad MCPPro?
    Even changed the USB cable. GFConfig knows it's there but just can't seem to talk to it.....
    Very Frustrated.....

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    I guess my other post didn't clear. On the Vista machine I cleaned out everything with CCleaner. Uninstalled GF software everywhere and ran registry scans until it came up clean. I also pulled out everything Saitek and continued to Restar, rescan and clean until it all came up clean.
    I then installed CGConfigSetup_2_03 - latest from GoFlight.
    Same problems - the annunciator and switch panel can be configured in the GFConfig and they light up properly but no connection into FSX.
    The MCP is recognised but does not respond to inputs or mimic what's on the 737 panels.
    The MCP LED's are slightly illiminated but get dimmer when I adjust them up on the config software.
    What now?

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    Does Windows recognize the hardware?

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    My guess is that the GoFlight module is not being initialized when FSX starts. I have had no problem. Check the following:

    1. GFDev.dll and GFDevFSX.exe need to be in the FSX\Modules directory.
    2. Since you are running FSUIPC4 do you have an FSUIPC.ini file? That is also in the FSX\Modules directory. My file contains the following 2 lines:


    where D: is the drive where your FSX resides.

    Also, I found that the GF-MCP module does not like to be attaced through a USB hub, even a powered one. I have the MCP plugged into a USB on the computer. My other modules are connected through powered USB hubs.


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    Solved! And in defense of GoFlight, I spent about 35 minuutes on the phone with them on Wednesday. They walked me through all of the solutions and got all the modules it up and running. The root cause was in fact the GFDevFSX.exe bridge application was not automatically starting up with FSX. This is apparently common in the 64 bit implementation, Vista or Windows 7. You can launch it manually after FSX is running.
    Thanks all!

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