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    Hi! I need help to boost my FPS in FSX in my computer. Is there any way to have high FPS possible with lots of scenery without killing the FPS?


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    You want at least a dual core CPU capable of overclocking to around 4.0GHz or better. A recent i5/i7 Intel processor is best.
    You want a CPU heat sink capable of allowing your overclock.
    You want a robust motherboard compatible with your other components and configurable for overclocking.
    You want at least 4GB of fast RAM capable of allowing your overclock.
    You want a Hard Drive that spins at 7200 RPM or more with SATA III conections or better, an SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) is ideal provided it is large enough for your operating system install and foreseeable FSX/Add-ons install.
    You want a Graphics Card (GPU) equal to or better than a Nvidia GTX 460 with 1GB VRAM.
    You want a quality Power Supply Unit (PSU) providing 650w or more. Do not skimp in this area more is better, quality is very important.
    You want Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit or better (Professional,Ultimate).
    You're welcome!
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    That is a very broad question.
    Unfortunately with flight simulators, there is no such thing as a free lunch - high visual detail comes at the cost of high processing power.

    There are an infinite number of tweaks, settings adjustments, and other things which you can do in order to squeeze more performance from the simulator. Far too many to detail in this thread, in my opinion. Do some browsing both here and at other flight simulation forums, and you will come across hundreds of ideas, tips, and changes which you could theoretically make. In my experience, even with the most profound of tweaks and tips, you will always be compromising something for performance.

    Personally, I do not do any of the extra legwork to tweak my FSX installation except for changing the settings which are built right in to the simulator itself.

    The only other tip I would recommend is do not look at the FPS indicator and use that as a judge of performance. Use the experience as a whole, without the FPS counter, as your guide. Who knows - you may unexpectedly end up happy with an FPS level lower than you might think, allowing you a higher degree of visual detail!

    Good luck!

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    I agree with greggerm. If you pay too much attention to the FPS counter, it'll screw with your head. Sometimes with video cards and older game platforms like FSX, bigger and badder ain't always better. I have an ATI Radeon 4600 series and I average 15 to 20 FPS with default planes in JFK with scenery complexity maxed and autogen set at very dense with cumulous clouds starting at 5000 feett up to 20000 feet. I have very few tweaks done in the FSX cfg. Most everything is maxed except the mesh resoltion and mesh complexity. I just have a quad core 3.0 ghz machine with 4 gigs of ram.

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    Agreed! I tweek nothing, but have i7 Win7 8gig ram. FSX.
    Max clouds, max weather. Low autogen. Max traffic. 15-20
    frames in Heathrow VFR Real Scenery.
    Peter Sydney Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by cat View Post
    Agreed! I tweek nothing, but have i7 Win7 8gig ram. FSX.
    Max clouds, max weather. Low autogen. Max traffic. 15-20
    frames in Heathrow VFR Real Scenery.
    Peter Sydney Australia
    Just imagine what you would get if you did tweak your system then Peter. Your system is way better than mine and I'm getting better framerates than you are a Heathrow with VFR Real Scenery.

    (Mind you, I've wasted hours and hours on tweaks that don't work as well as those that do).

    Q9550 @ 3.78 GHz with Gainward GTX570 1.25 Gig DRAM
    4 Gig DDR2 RAM - Windows 7 64 Bit
    FSX SP2
    Resolution 1680 X 1050 X32

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    Quote Originally Posted by cianpars View Post
    Just imagine what you would get if you did tweak your system then Peter.
    Imagine; you could be having fun with stutters and CTD's and then enjoy spending more time tweaking rather than flying.
    Mike Mann

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    if you have sp1 installed this will double your fps , depending on your hardware , i run fsx on an acer aspire laptop amd dualcore 2.10ghz 3ddr3 ram ati 256 and can acheive the following , mid scenary distance , max texture res , max mesh res , dense airports etc , autogen low , water 1x high , traffic airline 25 , other 10 , addvanced anims on , clouds i keep non 3d a real fps killer , tested with all stock fsx aircraft in all weater conditions and heavy rennderd airports , kennedy etc , an fps of 20 was acheived thru out , i hope this is help to anyone strugling to get a smooth but good flight with decent detail , you dont need super expensive hardware to enjoy fsx and a selection of addons , happy simming evreyone

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    Try turning off unnecessary Windows background tasks for better frame rates. There are a few applications (some free) which will shut down task not necessary for FSX.

    I decided to set up a stand alone PC ONLY for FSX and only having Windows and FSX installed. Not even Virus protection software (can't see the point if I'm not downloading anything just running FSX).
    I do everything else including internet browsing and downloading on my second PC which doesn't have to be fast. After downloading anything for FSX I scan for virus's and then if clean transfer to my 'FSX' PC.

    I only have a CORE 2 DUO 3.0 Ghz CPU, 1GB video card and 4Gb RAM and get frame rates over 50 with scenery etc complexity set around mid way.

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