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    Lately, every time FS9 starts it pops up a message about "incompatible aircraft or file - ascrypt.dll" and asks if it should continue to load or not. I tell it to continue and everything seems fine, but it's annoying to have to OK this file each time the sim starts (I usually head for the kitchen ...or mow the yard... while waiting for FS9 to load; it elicits a bit of foul language to return and find this popup has brought proceedings to a halt). This file was, I believe, installed by a payware aircraft, though I've no idea which one, so why would FS9 be complaining about it?

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    I'm pretty sure it's an Aerosoft module. Try editing your fs9.cfg and adding this:


    Not sure why the above has come out in red. It doesn't have to be red.
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    AFAIK .. this library is a part of a protection process used by some paywares (Aerosoft ? .. etc ..)
    This library is used during the installation process (temporarly process) but is not installed in the flightsim folder(s)
    You can search for the location of this DLL and delete it or(better) rename it .. and launch again FS2004 for check result

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    Thanks, I'll try each solution. Removal of the file, which is in the modules folder, would be my preference (I try to remove all unnecessary files from my system).

    Not sure why FS suddenly has a problem with this, no payware has been installed since May and this irritant sprang up the past few weeks.

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