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Thread: 3D Virtual Cockpit Autopilot Bug Adjustments ?

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    Default 3D Virtual Cockpit Autopilot Bug Adjustments ?

    Using FSX in windows XP with CH Pro Yoke and Pedals. I'm trying to use 3D virtual cockpit exclusively rather than 2D in preparation for my next major add-od, TrackIR 5.

    My problem is making adjustments for Autopilot altitude, vertical rate of climb or descent, Heading and Airspeed. When I pan over and zoom in to adjust the altitude, heading and airspeed and place the mouse on the plus or minus bug, the mouse moves off of the bug when the aircraft starts to respond.

    I'm thinking the easiest way to correct this problem is to program some buttons on my CH Yoke and make the adjustments without having to pan and zoom.

    I've managed to program buttons on the CH Yoke for increase and decrease .I've also figured out how to assign the CH Yoke buttons to select Autopilot Altitude and Autopilot Heading Bug changes.

    There is a keyboard shortcut for Autopilot Airspeed Bug Select (Ctrl+Shift+R) but when I go into Options > Controls > Buttons/Keys, I cannot find this listed. My question is, how do I program a button on my CH Yoke for a shortcut that exists but isn't listed. The same holds true for Autopilot Altitude Rate of Decent/Climb.

    Some of the options I'm looking into include, FSUIPC, CH Control Manager and Roger Dodger Avaition Keyboard Mods. Does anyone have any experience with any of these as far as what I'm trying to accomplish ?

    Thanks, Lee
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    I know exactly what you mean, but your making a mountain out of a molehill.

    It only moves off the button after the initial adjustment, and the aircraft starts to bank. Once its banking i find it easy to keep it in position.

    I have never used 2D cockpit, so i imagine 3D takes some getting used to. But its worth it, and you will never use 2D again.

    try a 737 at dusk, zoom out slightly, switch cockpit lights on and enjoy.......

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    I "killed" the dynamic head movement for that reason.


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    Rather than all that button palaver, set one button on stick to `pause` the Track IR effect.

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    I have the CH Eclipse yoke but this would work on the CH flight yoke, too. Download the CH control manager program. Using this program you can get each control to act as two controls. Choose one of the buttons as a "shift" button and the others will have a "shifted function" and a "non-shifted" function. Gives you a lot of flexibility. When you get the Track IR, program one button to turn off the Track IR so when you press it the view stays in the same position. I used the top right toggle. I can't remember the controls on the CH flight yoke but this may help give you some flexibility. to use the mouse to change settings.

    When you can, add the GoFlight student pilot module which gives you some knobs and push-button switches as well as a display. You can program the knobs for the autopilot settings and the buttons for autopilot on/off, altitude hold, etc. It's selling at Go Flight for $390 now but watch the sales. It really adds flexibility to your flying controls.

    You will really like the Track IR. I use the older Track IR4 with the IR5 software. I think the 4 costs $50 dollars less than the 5 with the Track Pro Clip included. I also recommend the Track Clip Pro for use with your headset. It's a flimsy but works well. I had to put mine back together a few years ago with JB Weld. Still works fine.

    If your like me, you can't add all this stuff at once, but I hope this gives you some ideas for the future.
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    I use the #1 button on my CH yoke to pause TrackIr when making adjustments with the mouse. After a while it becomes second nature to do it this way.
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