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    Hi all, I see lots of CamSim repaints and models for FSX. I have only download one model three years ago and was disappointed in the quality and performance of the aircraft. For one thing, the windows are not clear, just grayed over--very unrealistic. The flight performance left something to be desired. I see a lot of the aircraft, especially on FlightSim. Am I wrong about CamSim aircraft? Have the aircraft improved? Are they worth downloading? Thanks.

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    Try. See. Let US know... look forward to your review.

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    Well, I have to disagree with you totally . I have a friend who is a retired pilot with thousands of hours in 727's,-100 & -200's. He said that Captain Sim is very close to the real thing and the possibly the Kelowna Flight Model may one of the planes he flew in real life. As for the performance, it is really close. Maybe you are expecting a lot more performance than is realistic. Good Luck in your search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marvic View Post
    He said that Captain Sim is ...
    OP is about CamSim.


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    ooops.....My bad.

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    Hey guys not Captain Sim, you are reading it correctly but Camil Valiquette (CamSim). That's what I want to know. Please no offense to Captain Sim flyers.

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    Most of CamSim's stuff was originally designed for FS9 and then updated for FSX. Transparency issues vary, and can also be related to not having SP2 or Acceleration.
    The only CamSim plane I have in FSX is the B787 and without a full boogie VC it gets little flight time.
    I'm not very critical of exteriors(the 787 looks OK to me), but, 2D panels and VC need to be "good" stuff for me to use the plane...Don
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