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Thread: custom weather settings

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    Talking custom weather settings

    Hi everyone,
    most of the time I leave the weather set on default sunny day, but now I want to start using the custom setting. I don't want to keep playing around with all the different setting etc. So my question is what have you found to be a good weather setting that you enjoy? Which is still a sunny day, nice clouds, bit of wind/turbulence, visibility etc. I would like to hear your super recommendations.
    Cheers Guys.

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    Doesn't the Fair Sky theme give you that?

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    I was looking for something a little bit more challenging, there is no wind/turbulence and unlimited visibility in fair sky. I was interested in other peoples weather settings

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    Few Clouds at 6000, Broken Cirrus at 33000, Winds at 2 knots, gusts of 5. Temperature 67 dew point 59, visibility 30 miles.
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    Use real world weather or get a weather add-on like Active Sky or REX...


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