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Thread: Super Flight Planner Tutorial

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    Default Super Flight Planner Tutorial

    Where can I find pls.?

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    You only mention a "generic" tutorial and not one for a specific flight planner, but as I have mentioned a number of times , You Tube has outstanding turorials on just about every subject you are about to need using FS. As for specifics, just look at You Tube and ask for" tutorial for FSBuild " as an example.

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    Actually, I DID mention a spacific planner.
    "Super Flight Planner"
    I just want to know everything about using it.
    I've heard/read that it's so great, but my opinion
    is without any help files or instructions on use is
    that it sux.
    Before you ask- I'm not a newbi - I have over 6,000
    virtual flight hours and I'm lookin' for a good, easy to use
    flight planner that doesn't require internet connection.

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    A Google search for "super flight planner fsx" results in 27,200 hits. That would be a good place to start.
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    The official site is down. Like Bruce said, maybe you could find some tutorial/guide/manual in Google.

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