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Thread: FSrealWX lite and real weather problem

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    Default FSrealWX lite and real weather problem

    I know it sounds silly, but I have been trying to fly into Hurricane Irene in a Lockheed Orion. Here is my problem; I hope someone can help.

    First I tried the second option under "Weather" in the program itself. That's the one that should update actual WX conditions every 15 minutes. While I do depart Norfolk (VA) in rain. I'm out of is at 1500', and no hurricane in site all the way to Nassau... not very realistic,

    Next I tried "FSrealWX lite". This seems like a nice program, but I think I must have done something wrong with the setup because even though the program collects all the WX data and does update itself as per the set-up, the data does not get passed to FS9 so there are no changes to flight conditions.

    Does "FSrealWX lite" need to be installed on the same drive as FS9 ("FSrealWX lite" is on "C" whilw FS9 is on "E"), or perhaps even within FS9 itself? My "FUSIPC" is version 3.90; is this too outdated? And finally, why is it that my FS9 WX section will not collect weather data as it is supposed to.

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    You would be better posting the question on his forum. I have fsx on F and it works fine.

    Latest ver FSUIPC for FS9

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