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Thread: AVSIM vs Flightsim Global Race

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    Default AVSIM vs Flightsim Global Race

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-02 AT 02:01PM (EDT)[/font][p]Hi all, as you may well have read if you've been following the Round the World Challenge, Tom A||ensworth and Nels Anderson have agreed in principle to back two teams of volunteers for an Around the World Race, using VATSIM as the referees.

    Furthermore, Harv Stein the President of VATSIM is enthusiastically approaching the Board of Directors to gain their approval to referee the contest.

    There are obviously going to be issues to overcome along the way and also a huge amount of fun to be had, so I just wanted to put this out there and get some feedback before we start to plan it.

    How would you like to see it work? What do you think that we should look at to make sure that it works properly?

    This is your race at the end of the day. Tell us what you want.

    P.S. Feel free to take part in the challenge, everyone is welcome.

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-02 AT 06:24PM (EDT)[/font][p]I am enjoying participating in the current challenge.

    One thing I'd shoot for with a race is to somehow make an alternative to straight time-based evaluation.

    If the race is strictly time-based without additional rules, folks who prefer to fly the "low and slow" GA aircraft like the Archer II (or other small planes) will be left out... we'd be inefficient in any racing scenario. If I took the baton for 2.5 hours, I could get 200-300 miles done. Someone with a four-engine turboprop could get a HECK of a lot more distance covered in the same amount of time. It would be foolish for the "team" to let me waste their time flying my little chugger along. It would be ridiculous of ME to slow my team down by insisting on taking the baton for a turn.

    I really have no idea how to combat this, but it sure is a big issue to me!


    P.S. - "Tornado," if the current challenge continues well, as it has been going, I hope you'll consider cheering/chairing another similar one. I have a few ideas I'll share with you privately. The race is a fun idea, but I also like the "challenge" idea which doesn't have the competition element to it.

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    Default RE: AVSIM vs Flightsim Global Race

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-10-02 AT 06:36PM (EDT)[/font][p]Thanks for that Tony, so what youre saying is that you want to be able to fly small aircraft, whilst allowing others the option of larger planes, without being penalised. Mmmmm.... ;-)

    By the way, Im itching to come back with an idea for this, that Ive been thinking about for days, but I can't say just yet this is a "brainstorming session" where anyone can suggest anything they like, but no-ones allowed to critique their suggestions :-lol The wackier the ideas the better!!!

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    Maybe add a rule that flying across certain areas (i.e.continents) you have to fly single engine planes. Say maybe Europe would be a single engine only continent. A pilot nearing the far border of Europe could use strategy to fly to the nearest airport outside Europe and then jump in his King Air for the remainder of the time period allotted.

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    And what's to say, keep a team from bypassing Europe all together because of these stipulations...well, require certain destinations mandatory in the race. (i.e. London, Paris, Geneva, and some out of the way, remote, dirt strip in Armenia etc.)

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    Really, the only way to have a fair race is to have a predetermined route (agreed upon by both parties), and a predetermined plane (again agreed upon by both parties).

    If this seems too strict, then alternate routes could be used, but with the stipulation that they cover the same exact amount of nautical miles. Also, alternate planes could also be used, as long as their top speed is always the same or extremely similar.

    For example, if the predetermined plane is the Cessna 208 Amphibian, then any plane which has similar characteristics, and equal speed capability may be used as well. A list of approved planes could be put forth. Top speed is the main key. Having planes with different ranges would actually be beneficial, as that would introduce a very important route planning element.

    I would vote to keep the plane list, or plane selection to single/double props. When you're flying around the world, most of the reason is to be able to see that world, not fly above it at 41,000 feet. :-)

    You could also "theme" the race. Like only being able to use pre-1950 planes, or something like that. The "Indiana Jones" round the world race, for example. Only DC-3 or similar planes need apply. :-)

    Or the "Military Hardware" race, where you can only use Fighter Jets of equal speed. Tornado VS F16! :-)

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