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    HI there,

    Well, I've managed to coast along on FSX for the last few years thanks to the extensive contributions of flight sim forum members and managed to find fixes for problems by copying solutions. But alas, I seem to have a problem I can't find an online solution to and now need help! It has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now and I've un/reinstalled FSX, Re-installed card drivers and software, adjusted settings and done everything else I can think of. The problem involves FSX starting up fine on the Active Runway (screenshots below are of default start up flight over Friday Harbour with AirTrike) and then within under a minute of gameplay, FSX freezes for between 10-50 seconds and when gameplay resumes as normal, the textures are ALL OVER THE PLACE. The shots below should indicate what im saying - instrument gauges in the water textures, trees in the cockpit, stairtrucks painted on the wings - you name it. This problem occurs on every attempt at a flight lately, it does not go away after a while and it occurs with every aircraft in every location. My initial thoughts are that it might be a physical problem witht he card. If anyone has any advice to give it would be most appreciated as I'm at a dead end here. Many Thanks in Advance

    System Info:

    WIndows XP Professional 32bit
    Intel Dual-Core X86 2992 Mhz processor
    4GB Kingston HperX RAM
    nVidia GeForce GT 240

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Considering that you reinstalled, etc - I'd look at the card. See if you can find a card you can borrow. You can try removing the card, blowing or vacuuming as much dust out of the case and card as you can. Then look closely at the contacts on the card - are they clean and shiny? If not, use a pencil eraser and lightly buff them. I don't recall if there's a fan on your card but if so, be sure it's turning.

    If all checks out there, get a copy of Memtest (free) and check your memory, one stick at a time and see what happens.

    another option is to do a clean boot - eliminate anything that is not necessary for system operation and/or FSX - and run it then - you want to see if there is some software running in the background that might be interfering.

    Good luck,

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