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Thread: Red Baron 3D - Rudder Pedals and Track IR?

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    Default Red Baron 3D - Rudder Pedals and Track IR?

    I have an older (2004) computer with Windows XP. I loaded this game and the "First Aid Kit." Everything works but the CH Flightstick and CH Pro Pedals are way out of calibration even after calibration. The game works fine with just the Flightstick but I'd really like to have rudder control with my feet. Is there a fix for this?

    Does this game work with TrackIR? What is necessary to make it work?


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    as far as i am aware no

    If you like that sim as much as I did you may be intrested in the CFS 3 addon 'Over Flanders Fields' (OFF)
    It is the only reaon I brought CFS 3. It's a total overhaul and pretty much what RD3d was.

    It fully supports track IR and pedals as i use it myself

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    Done. I ordered them both. The video was breathtaking! Thanks much.

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    You will not regret it!

    You wont even believe its cfs3 under the hood. It is moded beyond recognition.

    It also has a fully dynamic campaign.
    A ton of research has gone into it. Weather, squderon markings, pilots... where they can, missions.
    Not sure when it was last updated, they were working on a whole new release so I believe.

    Think of it as a time machine rather than a sim. Stick it on 100% realism And fly in the RFC in April 1917 (Bloody April) and see how many sorties you survive

    Also check out the official OFF forums for info. They are a splendid bunch and pretty helpful.

    Might even re install it myself and fly wih you.

    I will only play WW1 and WW2 combat sims. I like it up close and personal.

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    I installed OFF and the authorized upgrades along with the necessary files asked for from CF3 and the program crashed every time shortly after T/O. The controls were pretty screwed up on the flight model as well. When the machine rebooted, a message appeared saying that the computer had recovered from a serious error. Not wanting a repeat I uninstalled. then after installing CF3 by itself, the program crashed upon startup with the exact same scary message. So it has been uninstalled as well.

    My machine has a Pentium 4 with 3.0G and 2G ram. The video card is a GeForce 7600GT. I managed to spend the better part of the last three days researching fixes and screwed up the machine a couple of times. Thankfully my lovely wife is a computer genius (really) and managed to get things back to normal.

    I may seem to be overly cautious but I absolutely don't want to screw up my PC which I use mainly for business and MS Flight Simulator 2004. I used to fly the real stuff but now am very content to fly that wonderful sim. Perhaps I should start thinking about a new state of the art gaming PC. My only concern there is that the old programs that I have enjoyed so much over the years are not compatible with Windows 7.

    So I'm back to my original question. Will RB3D work with rudder pedals anyone? At least I got it to run with a joystick. pappy55 I'm really sorry that we won't be able to fly together. That would have been fun.
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    Are you play Red Baron 3D or CFS3 include WW1 combat sim? If you would tell me which is the best ? Have a diff in Rise of Flight or Wings of Honors or else?
    I know one thing MFS do have the WW1 aircraft but not enough control when I was flew in FS2002 triplane.

    I experienced in the Red Baron 2 then Red Baron 3D when I was membered the Jasta 18th Raven Squadron for two years 1999 throu 2001.

    Interesting that your video as cool around dogfighters.


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