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Thread: mini-HDMI vs. "regular" HDMI?

  1. Default mini-HDMI vs. "regular" HDMI?

    Good morning!
    Still working on a flyer PC for my Dad. I was looking at GTX460 vid cards on Newegg and noticed something odd. Almost all the cards have "mini" HDMI ports instead of "standard" HDMI.

    Here's an example of a card I was ready to recommend to my Dad.

    So where do you guys go for cable that's mini-HDMI on one end and HDMI on the other? I've got MonoPrice bookmarked thanks to someone from this forum. But I don't see the mini-HDMI to HDMI listed as "Hi-Speed". We need the extra bandwidth, don't we?

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    Googled around a bit with our crummy dial-up connection. It looks like there are adaptors that go from male mini-HDMI to female HDMI. Either little plastic doohickies or short cables. With what little I know of this, that seems like the best solution. Get back to regular HDMI, then get the appropriate length for the application. Anyone have any thoughts on these adaptors? Is there any signal degradation to speak of?

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    My phone uses a mini HDMI connector, but for output to a monitor, you should go with the standard HDMI.


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    Well, yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I did a search on Newegg for GTX460 cards with "standard" HDMI and there were only a few. And they were brands like Sparkle and etc. Almost all the vid cards had mini-HDMI output so I'm assuming at this point I'll need to adapt back to HDMI as soon as we come off the back of the PC (?) I'd been looking at video cards for my Dad's proposed flyer for months. It was not until a coupla days ago that I noticed the ports were min-HDMI rather than standard.

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    I have a GTX 460, and it came with the adapter (a very short cable). I don't know if that's the case with all of them or not; mine is the PNY 1GB overclocked version.

    What length do you need? I saw some mini-HDMI to HDMI cables on Monoprice that were labeled "high speed" but they were only up to 6 feet. BTW, I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as "high speed" cables. I had no problem with 1080p back in 2007, before the hs cables were introduced. So a standard cable may work, even if it isn't guaranteed to do so.

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    Over short distances, it shouldn't matter which type of cable is being used. For longer distances, especially for 1080p output, the High Speed cables would be better. As for the mini to regular part, either a separate adapter, or cable with different ends will work. The conversion is just a physical one, there isn't anything special that needs to be done to go from the mini to regular HDMI size.

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    OK, thanks, guys -
    I was a little freaked out at first when I realized the vid card output wasn't a standard HDMI. At this point in time we're thinking that my Dad will probly set the PC up next to his LCD TV. So a short adaptor and then a 4' to 6' HDMI cable, or an HDMI cable that has mini on one end and standard on the other, oughta work fine.

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    Mini-HDMI is quite common. Port to Port is the best solution. Adding an adapter also adds another connection that could possibly degrade the signal, along with add expense.
    I'm using a Nippon Labs 6ft Mini-HDMI/HDMI cable(MHDMI-6) for my Camera to HDTV connection. It has worked flawlessly. The connectors fit nice and tight too.
    I needed at least a 6 footer and I got it at newegg, N82E16812816074. They also have shorter versions ...Don
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