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Thread: Standard versus Pro

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    munnst Guest

    Default Standard versus Pro

    Is the editing tool and extra aircraft worth the Professional version?

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    mdhofman Guest

    Default RE: Standard versus Pro

    Can't answer for FS2002, but I have both versions of FS2000. The extra aircraft in the Pro Version are a benefit, but the real benefit to spending the extra money is in the editing tool and the extra gauges for the King Air 350 and the Mooney. Many of the panels you can download call on the Pro version's gauge package.

    For me, the editing tool solves some problems I've had making changes to textures using third-party editing software. For example, I can change a foreign registration number to a U.S. "N" number in Microsoft PhotoDraw, and make it transparent so the fuselage colors show through, but the file has to be re-opened and re-saved in the FS edit tool to show up correctly. Why that is I don't know, but I'm glad I've got the Pro version.

    There are also a few extra high-definition scenery areas in the Pro version.

    But, since my wife gave me FS2000Pro for Christmas LAST year, I'll have to wait a couple of more years before she'll understand dumping her gift for FS2002Pro. Keep the peace, right?

    Hope this helps.


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    Default RE: Standard versus Pro standard FS2K included the King Air and Mooney Gauges...:-)


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    mdhofman Guest

    Default RE: Standard versus Pro

    Please . . . don't anyone tell my wife. That was one of the selling points for getting the Pro version.

    Hmmm, actually, that's really interesting to hear because when I downloaded a couple of planes and used them in the Standard version, some of the gauges were blank. After I got 2000Pro, I loaded the aircraft and the panels were complete. Maybe the panels were looking for gauges other than the KingAir and Mooney.

    Maybe I just installed the aircraft incorrectly in the Standard version. I'd be interested to hear anyone else's experience with this issue.


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