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Thread: Convert user flyable aircraft for AI use

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    Default Convert user flyable aircraft for AI use

    Hi all, Im struggling with a problem that I'm sure someone here can fix. Here is my main objective: I want to make a 3rd party Flyable aircraft suitable for AI in FSX. You might ask why wel here is my situation . I have painted an aircraft that I downloaded in "my own" paint scheme and I want to add it to the AI action in FSX. I'm so pleased with the paint job that I would'nt want anything else for this particular purpose and furthermore I can't download a complete AI ready version because it's nowhere else its my original. That brings me to the situation that I'm in because the "AI pilots" have problems landing this plane in FSX especially on shorter runways ( where the real life aircraft would achieve with ease) AI just do'nt get the plane on the ground in time but often halfway down the runway so there are issues with decending. When I fly the plane the decent rate is ok except this one issue I have... In one out of every eight flights the plane seems to keep banking sharply to the left or right on approach and does not let itself be corrected it sometimes ends up in a crash. So I think there is bug in the airfile and/or the aircrft config file.

    What I really want solved at this point however, is the AI landing problem I want this plane to be made "easy" for the AI to land so the plane decends better and they touchdown at the begining of the runway. The takeoff and flying of the aircraft is ok no problems there with AI. I have uploaded the original config file. I would be happy if someone could find any possible faults in the file and make adjustments so this plane can be easy to LAND by AI, take off and flying is already good.

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    Well we don't know what aircraft you're talking about... Plus why don't you just paint an ai version of the aircraft? User model aircraft are not meant to be used as ai
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    Quote Originally Posted by 817 View Post
    Well we don't know what aircraft you're talking about...
    Something tells me it's a Dornier 328-100. But my idea would be the same: repaint an AI plane (JBAI has one).


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    I think I would make a new AI only plane in a new folder using copies of the model, sound, and texture folders that you want.
    Find a plane with similar flight characteristics that does work well as AI, copy, and use it's aircraft.cfg and .air.
    You will need to replace all the [fltsim.X] section(s) in the borrowed aircraft.cfg with the one you are using now, number it [fltsim.0], and change the sim=xxxx line to the name of the .air file. The title should remain as it was so you won't have to redo the AI's FPs. Just don't forget to change the title of the original flyer...Don
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    Sounds good Don I actually tried someting like that already but it went wrong I probably did'nt do it right now I was looking for an easy way out I'll try again thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by f16jockey_2 View Post
    Something tells me it's a Dornier 328-100. But my idea would be the same: repaint an AI plane (JBAI has one).

    Yes it's a Dornier 328 if you read the file I uploaded it's all in there. If you had managed to sift through all that text in my first thread you might have noticed that I exactly do not want to paint any more right now( I hate painting) and that I'm very very pleased with the one I managed paint and it can't be found anywhere else because it's my own composition so thus unique otherwise I would have already downloaded something and wouldn't be here with this problem. Anyway thanks for your tips Wim.
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    One reason user aircraft tend to perform poorly as AI is because they fly with zero fuel weight when flying as AI. Very realistic flight dynamics will result in the user aircraft converted to AI floating more as it comes in to land. (User aircraft are also much heavier FPS hits than well designed AI aircraft.)

    While you might not want to repaint the JBAI Do328, it would be the best option.

    You can also attempt to merge your user aircraft model with the JBAI Do328 flight dynamics. You need the contact points and lights sections from the user aircraft.cfg, but you want the .AIR file and the performance sections of the aircraft.cfg from the JBAI aircraft.

    But also a general note - AI tend to land about 1,000 feet or more past the normal runway landing point just because of the way the AI engine works. The JBAI team worked hard to make their Do328 land close to the end of the runway for short strips.

    This type merge is always a bit tricky, and not really something for inexperienced folks to try. Make sure you have backups of the originals. There is always some tweaking necessary to make such a merge successfully. Be ready to spend a lot of time making small adjustments and testing the results.
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    Thanks!! Reggie that's the best advise I've got on this one so far infact those are exactly the words I've been looking for particulally the part about merging the files and what file section goes with which other one. The only thing is I did'nt know how to fill in those blanks but my idea was do to something like that I really appreciate that advise.

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