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Thread: fix ATC_PARKING_TYPE for many files

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    Question fix ATC_PARKING_TYPE for many files

    I have downloaded and installed about 110+ AI packages from WoAI and I am noticing now that a few of the cargo planes are parked at gates at the terminal. Very frustrating when you land after a 5 hour flight and find out that all the heavy gates are filled by UPS and FedEx so you have nowhere to park. I am trying to add more parking using FSXPlanner and ADE9X but neither of them want to save a .bgl file ... something wrong with the BGLComp, but that's an issue I will deal with later.

    For FS9, PAI is what I had used for AI traffic files, and they had a program called PAI Parking Manager that let me very quickly and very easily go over every aircraft type I had in the aircraft folder and adjust the "parking type" and that planes allowed "parking code"

    I am not so much interested in the parking code, but it seems to me that some of the planes for the WoAI packages I have have the wrong parking type (IE - Gate instead of Cargo). Is there a program for FSX (or an easier way than going over each and every aircraft.cfg file) to verify and change the "ATC_PARKING_TYPE" entry?
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    FSX does not use the model radius to set the parking spot size, so the three Parking Manager programs will not make the necessary adjustment for you.

    The biggest problem is that most AI aircraft have bad values for the aircraft.cfg wing_span= entries. In FSX those need to be set very near the real world values.
    Here is a table of those values which I've put together -

    I've not found the WoA aircraft.cfg files to have incorrect atc_parking_types= entries. If you wanted to adopt the FS9 practice of assigning cargo aircraft to only use parking spots larger than Heavy Gate parking spots - you can do that - just raise the cargo aircraft wing_span= values high enough. That would require you to have cargo repaints and passenger repaints of the same aircraft in different folders.

    The usual reason that cargo aircraft park in gate spots is that there are not enough cargo parking spots on the airport. Almost no default airports have enough cargo parking if you have realistic FedEx and UPS packages. Adjusting the airport parking is the only way to ensure the aircraft park correctly.

    You don't have to do the work all yourself. I prefer FSX AFCAD or scenery files by Ray Smith. Very well done.

    (You can still use those parking manager utilities to modify the parking types and parking codes - you might have to create a dummy folder for FS2004 with an aircraft folder and a dummy fs9.exe file for them to work. You can point FSX to use that aircraft folder as your AI aircraft location.)
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    There is a tool that can help you make changes to those AI aircraft.cfg that you want to do. It is AI - Aircraft Editor.

    From the Owl's Nest website "This is a short overview over the set of features...

    • edit all locally accessible aircraft folders
    • quick jump between all active FSX Simobject folders
    • quick jump to the FS9 aircraft folder
    • automatically makes backup of aircraft.cfg before AI-Editor makes first change
    • delete specific set of keys from aircraft.cfg
    • renumber [fltsim.x] sections
    • sort keys in all [fltsim.x] sections
    • change aircraft type (normal/helicopter/ai) in fs9 compatible air files. supports multiple air files per aircraft.cfg
    • change model radius in fs9 compatible model files
    • change/batch update of several [fltsim.x] keys
    • intensive support for editing FSX wingspan value
    • change/add exit configuration for Jetways support
    • change/edit/remove aircraft effects
    • change/edit model, texture and airfile assignment

    It can be found at: (on the banner up top, far right to download)

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