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Thread: FSX Gulfstream V. G550 Virtual cockpit

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    Hi all, I have just downloaded the FSX Gulfstream V. G550 in Thomas Cook livery, looks great but in the VC there are no guages in fact the dash is just black. Does anyone know if there is a seperate download for VC stuff that I have missed or have I just done something wrong?

    Cheers in advance


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    I'm getting the same thing as well! Anyone?

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    When asking to check out a download, better include a link or a zip file name. Normally I don't even bother searching for it when that's not included in the post.

    Anyway, looking at the package in "View" (didn't download or install it) I can't see any [VcockpitXX] sections in the panel.cfg.
    So no VC panel is available in this package.


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