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Thread: Airport grass textures

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    Default Airport grass textures

    If you look at most of the payware sceneries for airports you see a custom grass texture for the airport.The default airports simply have either a common green piece of grass surrounding it or a brown texture that look different from the rest of the scenery,if you use for example,ultimate terrain.Is there any freeware that changes the default grass textures for the airport area?
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    Go to the FS2004 library and look up "FS2004 Spice Pak 2" by Brian Neitzel.
    You're getting grass with lawnmower tracks. The textures look great, it's
    a vast improvement over the default ones.

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    And here's another one which blends well with
    the textures mentioned below:

    "FS2004 Realistic Airport Terrain" by Sascha Rieger

    It's in the library too. Enjoy!

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    FS2004 Realistic Airport Terrain by Sascha Rieger is a must have file and the best grass texture, so far

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    Use them both. They combine perfectly.
    Tight, dark grass with lawnmower tracks
    fits best with Rieger's package.

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    Cant seem to find Rieger's file in either the FS library or AVSIM. Would it be under a differetn title or name?

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    What the heck? No problems to find it from
    my PC. Maybe you spelled it incorrectly.

    Try this one: File Name:

    It's a good one. Use it.

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    Got it. Thanks!

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    Sascha Rieger has more good stuff in the library. Search for RIEGER
    in the text-window and there's a couple of entries there which can
    lift FS2004 to higher grounds:

    "FS2004 Realitypack 1.2" part one and two.

    Some think the effects are overdone, but it was quite a thrill to
    watch them the first time around. Meadows, forests, and default
    towns and cities suddenly looked 3D. Maybe you're sick of it all
    after watching 3D-movies. But it works better in games
    than movies. Give it a try. You can rest your eyes playing
    games, but not when watching a movie.
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