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Thread: Contrary View RE: Moderation

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  1. Default Contrary View RE: Moderation

    This was posted in the Jeff resignation thread but will probably be buried under the pile of well deserved cudos to Jeff re: his fine job as a moderator so I'm posting it here as well.

    I think that sites like this can be largely "self-moderated." What I mean by that is if a post is objectionable in any way, one can just ignore it and go on with life. If such a post draws indignant replies, who cares? Ignore them too.

    Foul language? So what. Most of the world hears and uses it evey day in normal conversation (c'mon, admit it) but when reduces to print, all of a sudden we need our dignity protected by a moderator.

    Self-moderation would involve members hitting the alert button if they feel the need to and the moderators' jobs would be limited to acting with respect to the alerts but would not need to peruse every single post.

    I don't know how you have time.

    I just don't think that we members need to quite so "protected" as is the case given fulltime moderation.

    Just my view.

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    Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    Just bear in mind - MANY of our members are young - some as young as 12 or 13. In respect to them and their parents, don't you feel has an obligation to "protect" them from obscenities ? I know it's all around us, but if parents can't trust a site, they may not let their children come here.....

    Best Regards,

    Bob :-wave


  3. Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    As far as obscenities go there's an automatic bleep function. I did not type a bunch of pounds signs here: #####. That doesn't require any intervention. Anyway, that can be part of the self-moderation. I think most of us try to watch our langugage, and if someone doesn't that's what the Alert function is for. I don't see the need for full-time monitoring in light of the ability for us to alert a moderator about a post. I do wonder how often the Alert function is used now. Some people are so sensitive and devoid of humor that dealing with all the alerts might be a full time job anyway. (I bet I just generated a few alerts with that.)

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    Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    Despite the automatic feature, it is easily circumvented. ;-)

    Anyway, all of this discussion is really just academic, since Nels is not about to expose himself to liability from rampant forums.


  5. Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    >Just bear in mind - MANY
    >of our members are young
    >- some as young as
    >12 or 13.

    sorry to say, but 12 and 13 year olds probably know more obscenities than you do. ;)

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    Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    Dont forget 14 year olds...

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    Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    >> sorry to say, but 12 and 13 year olds probably know more obscenities than you do

    Don't be sorry, I'll take that as a complement as I'm sure they do. I do not go out of my way to learn the newest obscenities since I have no use for them anyway. But it is sad that the use of obscenities in public is growing at an alarming rate. Now I'm not one to tell you what to do in the privacy of your own home ( or thoughts ), but in a public place*, one word sums it up - RESPECT

    * Although this is a "Private Forum" it is still a public gathering place, so please do not misconstrue my statement.

    Best Regards,

    Bob :-wave

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    Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    I have to disagree. :-)

    Before I became a moderator here, Lou was primarily doing the job by himself. He did not have the time to monitor the forums closely, so for all intent and purposes the forum was "self-moderated." Some of you may remember that time--I personally felt this place was a bit vicious. Not only was language and attitude a bit foul, but the constant solicitation of illegal software trading was prevalent.

    The straw that broke the proverbial horse's back was an attack where the poster posted some 20+ pornographic images across all of the boards.

    That stuff is uncalled for here.

    Although you may not realize it, the moderators here receive a fair number of alerts. Some of the alerts are great help. However, some are also over controlling. There were many times that we received alerts and did not feel the need to intervene at that time. Moderators are there to make that call.

    I personally, now as merely a forum participant ;-), do not believe that foul language or any other conduct should be allowed to freely progress nor do I believe that we should let the dynamics of the forum sort it out, because, quite simply, it won't.

    A fundamental understanding of the forum is that it is private property. Although you may hear foul language all day long, Nels doesn't have to allow it here.

    In the end it comes down to this--we WON'T gain valued contributors to this forum if Nels allows it to be "self-moderating"; however, I'm almost positive that we WOULD lose valued contributors if it were "self-moderating."


  9. Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    Fair enough. In any event, you did a great job and it has been much appreciated.

    But re: some of your points, such as posting porn shots, that is certainly the kind of thing that would generate an alert. Remember by "self-moderated" I just meant that the workload for moderators could be hugely reduced...and we would be able to keep good guys like you...if the moderators needed only to respond to alerts generated by a concerned membership.

    As for foul language, while I don't use it on public forums, I am nevertheless of the opinion that if the worst thing people did was cuss, this would be a MUCH better world. I know of no study that suggests that exposure to swearwords ruins an otherwise righteous person.

    Anyway enough said.
    Best regards,

  10. Default RE: Contrary View RE: Moderation

    The fact that foul language is not used here is refreshing. Hard as it may be to believe, some people don't use it and are not around it much. It was a bit of a shock to find it on another sim site.


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