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Thread: Which payware DC 3 is the best for FSX?

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    Default Which payware DC 3 is the best for FSX?

    I see that justflight has a new DC 3, but I've also seen MAAM.. I'm more interested in commercial planes as opposed to military.

    Are there any reviews comparing these two? Are there any other DC 3 planes for FSX?


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    My perosnal opinion - JustFlights is the best FSX DC3. Of course you could always wait for Vertigo Studios to release their DC-3 just to muddy the waters further
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    Thanks Smiffy!

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    MAAM DC-3 beats any DC-3 out there; there are tens of textures availlable

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    G'Day I am a dedicated DC-3 sim flyer and I have five different DC-3's models in my FSX hangar.

    1. The stock FSX default DC-3
    2. The Manfred Jahn DC-3/C-47
    3. The MAAM Sim DC-3/C-47
    4. The Just Flight DC-3
    5. The Basler PT-67 Turbine DC-3

    IMO the Manfred Jahn is the most correctly modelled and from a visual perspective looks really sharp and compared to the real thing I cannot tell the difference but the cockpit is the standard default FSX one which is sadly lacking in many areas.

    The MAAM Sim runs a close second visually but is the better cockpit, the current FSX version is a 2004 port over and does have some problems but the cockpit is the best and most accurate visually.

    The Just Flight DC-3 is IMO very dissapointing and was a real let down the VC is terrible and the perspective is all wrong even though the outside visuals are pretty good. It has a real plastic feel to it, although I also have other Just Flight products in my hangar and quite like them.

    The freeware Basler is the best of them all and the VC is superb, a real joy to fly but it is a turbine mod DC-3.

    Getting an authentic VC for the DC-3 is very very difficult the reason being that all real life DC-3s were different in some aspects in instrument layout, mods, nav equipment etc, and thus except for some military ones they are all different in some respects inside.

    The Just Flight has a good cabin but none of the others have (The MAAM Sim version does not have selectable cabin views but you can get into by shifting the camera views using CTL backspace and enter etc which is a pain.

    I do a bit of DC-3 flying and I also am a member over at DC-3 Airways which is a virtual airline dedicated to the DC-3. YOu will find many mods and addons for the DC-3 from cockpits to guages etc so if you have the time and inclination you can create your own so to speak.
    Any VC changes are a real problem and all model makers have the same problem of the model and the AIR file and some bits just cannot be easily changed from the stock FSX DC-3 which is why the Just Flight payware was such a dissapointment they simply carried over a lot of this too and it is frankly quite tacky.

    I alternate between the Jahn DC-3 and the MAAM Sim DC-3 depending on what airline colours or livery I am in the mood for and whether I want some modern navaids or want to revert to a 1960s cockpit like the MAAM Sim has. There is a modified AIR file availabe on the net which fixes some minor handling and performance issues. I have about five different cockpit layouts and instrument fitouts and each is interesting and fun.

    Oh and yes I have flown the real thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffscharpf View Post
    I'm more interested in commercial planes as opposed to military.
    I assume you are aware that there were only 607 DC-3s built. There were 10,048 C-47 built in the US, 4,937 Li-2 built in Russia and 487 Showa L2D (licensed DC-3s with Mitsubishi engines) built in Japan.

    The vast majority of DC-3s flown by airlines around the world after WWII were ex-military aircraft purchased dirt cheap.

    Very few of the original 607 DC-3s that survived to 1942 avoided military service.

    Any military version of the DC-3 available includes plenty of available civilian repaints.

    The default FS2004 and FSX DC-3 are closer to the C-47 than they are to the original civilian DC-3.
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    Whilst not a DC-3, this DC-2 is worth a look and includes 2 different VC's, a ton of liveries and is based on the real plane at the Aviodrome.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Agreed. The best DC-3 is a DC-2.

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    I fly that DC-2 more than any DC-3.
    Hello Dave

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    Hey oldcrusty. Great imput. Where would we go to get the modified more correct air file.

    I think Manfred Jahns dc3 is simply incredible. The default is a close second. And just flight's is a disappointment. Too plastic is a good way of putting it, a caricature of the reral thing at best.....
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