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Thread: Updating Navaids and Intersections

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    Anybody know if there is a patch or process to keep the Navaid and Intersection database in FS9 and FSX up to date so I can fly on VATSIM with current FAA or Jeppesen SIDS/ STARS and Approach Plates? Thanks...

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    There is no practical way to update the FS9 or FSX internal database.
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    all you can do is update the fmc data if your aircraft supports it and has an fmc
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    Before anyone downloads the AIRAC file in the link I suggest reading this short thread, especially the posts by Scott and Jim V.

    As mentioned here and elsewhere you can:

    1. Update the FMCs (assuming you use an FMC) database using the payware option for the specific FMC, i.e., Navigraph; and/or
    2. Update the STAR/DP Navaids for the airport(s) that you fly -- ADE is a good tool for this.

    If you don't use an FMC, option 2 would update the information you see in the gps. If you do use an FMC you would benefit from 1 and 2. Your FMC will use the updated info in 1 and FSX ATC will use the updated info in 2 - makes for a nicer flying experiece when the ATC offer you the same approaches as shown in the FMC.

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