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Thread: Skyspirit 747-8I

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    I've heard of people having problems taking off, but this is the first time I've heard of one where the mains left the ground, but the nose didn't. That's a new one.
    Captain Kevin

    Air Kevin 124 heavy, wind calm, runway four left, cleared for take-off.

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    yeah i have the same problem with the 747-8i the nose gears sticks to the ground but i have no clue how to adjust the trim in the cfg. HELP PLEASE
    Really I had a changed nothing about trim in FDE or aircraft.cfg ...
    I use the default aircraft.cfg .. full fuel load and no problem ...
    Weird that some people have problem to take off with this little bird

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    If you gave a couple of monkeys a box of ballpoints, enough paper, and enough time, they'd eventually finish up writing the complete works of Shakespeare

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    Here is the solution to the problem, i had the problem myself and ive got the solution from their facebook site. Go into the aircraft.cfg file and scroll down to the section called airplane_geometry. There scroll down to the section called htail_incididence, i think its the number 16 from the top, and change the value there to 0.000 and save it. (use wordpad). Then just add it back to your 747-8i folder, answer yes to overwrite the excisting aircraft.cfg and you will have no problem after that. Happy flying.

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    I have no need of this edit .. (in the original aircraft.cfg this value is already there but with // (// 0.000) The original value is 9.200 )
    (use wordpad)
    It's more safe to use NOTEPAD instead

    If you gave a couple of monkeys a box of ballpoints, enough paper, and enough time, they'd eventually finish up writing the complete works of Shakespeare

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    Instead of the problems of taking off, I want to know about the files of Os748body_l_l.bmp & Os748body_r_l.bmp (Night Texture).
    Why there is no light shining the vertical tail? No light shining the body and the engines when the headlights are on?
    When I fly posky 747-400 V4, they have lights shining on these parts.
    Is there any new texture about these?

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    I'm not sure if it was the intention but the 'logo' light is a thing of the past due to cost-cutting measures.... and a brilliant one at that in my opinion.

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    the 747-8 takes of at about 170-180 knots-in FSX

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    Has anyone else had trouble raising the nose landing gear after takeoff? I can get the beast off the ground just fine, but even below the gear retract airspeed limit I can't seem to get it up. No pun intended... Help? (Is this even the right thread to post this?)

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    you can find one in it's a complete package, 225.15 MB, with a lot of liveries. good luck!

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    They have repaired the take-off problem with a new files and before yo could take-off in auto pilot !

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