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    Anyone know of a good KPHX scenery...payware would be the best, but freeware is fine too. The last good one I saw was from Simflyers back in 04 or 05, but haven't seen a good one since.



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    Blue Sky Scenery has some Az. scenery, Phoenix area and Tuscon, Free.

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    PC Aviator also have Arizona scenery.
    I have a lot of the megascenery tyitles. All very good
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    I like mega scenery phoenix x not the mega earth version. Megascenery X covers the entire sun valley. PC aviator has it on sale twice a year for $ 15.00 u.s..

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    It depends exactly what you want for the Phoenix area. Airport buildings, the city skyline, and suchlike, really don't really feature strongly in any BlueSkyScenery, HOWEVER, their 2m/pixel photoreal terrain of the Arizona area is absolutely fabulous, I fly on it regularly from Phoenix to Tucson, and it is fantastically free and suitable for both FS2004 and FSX. If you want lots of 3D buildings, etc, then I can only state that Payware manufacturers may have the desired effects. It's advisable to Google search for any Payware stuff as there are only a limited number of companies that offer content for this state, Arizona doesn't appear to be too popular for some unknown reason.
    There are a few different freeware scenery add-ons for The Grand Canyon area, the is the most highly detailed offering, and thoroughly recommended.

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    Thanks for the replys...I'll most likely go with the megascenery. How about the airport itself? I know megascenery uses the default, any other good airport sceneries to use with megascenery?

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    I also use Megascenery for the Pheonix area and I also download from this site a freeware version of KPHX airport which is also pretty decent.

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    Folks could have a look on this site for Tucson and the Prescott area, I don't think it features Phoenix though, BUT, it's all freeeeeeeeee.

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