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Thread: Yoke Controller Profile Not Showing Up in FSX

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    Default Yoke Controller Profile Not Showing Up in FSX

    I have installed FSX and the most current Saitek SD6 software and drivers for the ProFlight Yoke on a new PC running Windows 7 64-Bit , but cannot for the life of me get the buttons I've programmed for the Yoke to work in FSX. The axes work but not any of the buttons.

    This is a real mystery to me, because all the buttons I've progrrammed test out correctly in both the SD6 software and also in the FSX calibration test. However, when I start a flight in FSX only the ailerons, elevator, throtle, and flaps (which are programmed for the throtle quadrant) and the Hat View work. (OBTW, the name of the loaded profile does not show up at the top of the Profiler like I thought it was supposed to. Don't know if this is a problem or not.)

    If anyone has experienced this or a similar problem, I certainly would be appreciative of any help. I haven't been able to fly on my new PC for several months and I'm frustrated. But I keep searching the forums for ideas of things to try.

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    i dont think the SD6 software is compatable with fsx as you still have to assign the buttons, i dont use it due to bugs in it and that fact that its not supported by fsx.

    If you want extra features then you have to buy FSUIPC and asign buttons through that.
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    Are you sure? I was using the ProFlight Yoke and SD6 software with FSX on my last PC, although with Vista OS. It worked perfectly then. Could you be suggesting that perhaps the lastest SD6 software is incompatible with FSX?

    If I were to get the registered version of FSUIPC, could I program the buttons for the Saitek ProFlight Yoke?


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    The Saitek profiler works perfectly with FSX.
    However, you won't see in FSX what you've programmed using the profiler as that's not how it works.
    Basically, all you're doing when you write a profile is assign whatever FSX keyboard functions you want to buttons/switches on the yoke and throttle quadrant. Once I had my profile written and tested, I deleted all button/switch assignments in FSX Controls under the Buttons/Keys tab for the Saitek yoke except for View (pan) which I left assigned to the hat switch. Before my first run of FSX on any given day (or after a reboot) I first load the profiles I've created for my yoke/throttle quad and my second throttle quad before starting FSX. Works perfectly and cured the old "phantom keypress" problem that many users (including me) experience with the Saitek yoke.

    Edit: I'm using profiler software version, BTW.
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    Noell, thanks for your help. I've done exactly as you said. The button assignments were deleted in FSX except for the Hat switch then saved the Configuration and exited FSX. I then loaded the profiler with the saved profile and launched FSX. As before, none of the buttons worked except for the Hat switch. It's a mystery since I know tthe buttons check out when tested in both the Profile Editor and within FSX Calibration section.

    I was wondering if I should re-install FSX. Maybe some file is corrupted, although FSX (except for the controls) runs great. Hate to do it, but what else could it be? Is there something wrong in the Registry?

    I've asked this before, but no one has responded on this: On top of the Profile icon in the system tray, shouldn't the name of the loaded Profile appear? At least that's what the instructions in the SD6 software suggests.

    Thanks for any additional suggestions to try.

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    Just to make sure you got it right:
    1 - In FSX you must leave all of the keyboard key assignments listed in the Keyboard column intact.
    2 - Select the Controller Type as Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and delete the assignments in the Joystick column except for View (pan) which you leave assigned to the Hat Switch.
    3 - Exit FSX.
    4 - Load your profile. If you have things set up properly, all you do is right click on the yoke icon in the system tray and then, in the menu that opens you should see the name of your profile. Left click on your profile name to load it. You can tell if the profile is loaded because the yoke icon in the system tray will turn green.
    5 - Run FSX. You should now be able to operate whatever you have set up in the profile by pressing the appropriate button on the yoke or by using the appropriate key on your keyboard. For example, if you have set button D (that's the red button on the right of the yoke) in your profile to be "G" on the keyboard, you can then operate the landing gear by pressing button D on the yoke or by hitting "G" on the keyboard. And so on......

    As for the name of the profile, it does not appear over the icon. The only thing you will see in the way of labeling is when you hover your mouse pointer over the yoke icon in the system tray it will say "Saitek Pro Flight Yoke" and it will say that whether you have loaded or profile or not.

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    I followed your instructions, but still didn't have the button assigned controls active in FSX.

    You mentioned to "right click on the yoke icon in the system tray and then, in the menu that opens you should see the name of your profile." Well, the name of the profile doesn't appear on mine in the menu. It makes be suspect that the profile isn't being loaded at all, although the Yoke icon is green and when hovering the mouse over the icon "Saitek Pro Flight Yoke" appears.

    I think I'm going to give up using the Saitek profiler and revert to using the button assignments directly inside FSX.

    I really do appreciate you hanging in there with me and the help you've given me.

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    Sorry its not working out for you.
    Its really strange you don't see your profile listed when you right click the yoke icon.
    Perhaps you stored it somewhere other than default?
    For comparison purposes, my Saitek software is in C:\Program Files\Saitek\SD6 and my profiles are in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Saitek SD6 Profiles

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    I had the same problem. I removed ALL Saitek software & drivers, using only registered FSUIPC.

    Soooooo much easier once you get the hang of it.

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    I may do the same. For now, I have foregone the Saitek drivers and I'm now flying with the button assignments within FSX. It's working fine...just wanted to use the SD6 software programming and profiles. Oh, well.

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