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Thread: Joystick Problem

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    amitzahavi Guest

    Default Joystick Problem

    :-mad :'(
    I am going crazy!!
    My joystick (Logitech Wingman Stike Force 3D) works with all my other programs and is showing up and caliberating in the control panel but in FS2002 even when I select Enable Joystick in settings before the flight, while in the flight, the joystick doesn't work and the settings while in the flight has ENABLE JOYSTICK grayed out.
    I have reinstalled 2 times both the FS2002 and the joystick.
    Please help!!!!!!!


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    Hi Amit,

    I've got the same joystick and never really seemed to have that problem, but prior to even starting FS2k2, enter into your joystick drop down menu and select under options, "Apply Profile to Game" and choose FS2k2. See if this helps.


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    amitzahavi Guest

    Default RE: Joystick Problem

    thanks for your help.
    even your tip didnt help :(
    but i managed to solve the problem. even though the solution didnt seem connected to the problem.
    i downloaded DirectX 8.1 and problem solved .


    thanks for your help,

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