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Thread: Boeing 747 & 757 Randoms

  1. Wink Boeing 747 & 757 Randoms

    I had some spare time for flightsim again so I decided to take into the air with some of the larger jets.

    1. Displaying my 757 skills with the RNZAF 757, based on this video:

    2. Pulling the stick backward slowly

    3. Going almost vertical

    4. I don't think a lot of passengers have views like this on a 757 flight...

    5. Plain to see, Kiwi's are straight up insane! ;-)

    6. Singapore 747 leaving Auckland for Changi Airport.

    7. Turning away as seen from the tower at NZAA.

    8. Wing view during a left turn. You can see NZAA just below the clouds slightly right off the center.

    9. Still turning left with the Tamaki Strait in the background.

    10. Looking down on the Kawau Parua Inlet from the first officer's seat.

    Hope you guys enjoy them!

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    #4 is stunning!

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    Superb shots!

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    I enjoyed them very much!!

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    Those wing views are exceptionally astonishing !!!!

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    Excellent shots indeed.
    Keep the blue side up,
    "You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky." Amelia Earhart

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