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Thread: virtual cockpit

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    Melesi Guest

    Default virtual cockpit

    Hello! I just download new paint for default 737-400 and surprised about bad quality of it`s virtual cockpit view.Missing(~50%) gauges, buttons etc. How Can I fix it?



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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-02 AT 10:45AM (EDT)[/font][p]Hey Melesi,
    Well the lack of information is a set back here.

    Does this repaint have a modded 737 VC? Or is it using the default 737 one?

    Either way theres not much you can do as the VC is part of the plane (I think?). Wish I could help more.

    Wings of London

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    Melesi Guest

    Default RE: virtual cockpit

    Thanks,Wings of London!

    Plane is default 737,the same as Pacific,Landmark or Orbit,but
    I didn`t repaint them. Just adding one more 737 -fourth one in the 737 livery choosebox.

    **Or is it using the default 737 one? **

    I think so! All details are similar to default panels,but without
    color,(for example-VC throttle quadrant is poor white without any
    shadow effects),at night fly with cockpit lights on-crew seats are pink etc.



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    Default RE: virtual cockpit

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-02 AT 01:31PM (EDT)[/font][p]Hey,

    the most simple way of fixing this I can think of... hmm... let me see. Go to the folder of a default 737 like Orbit or whatever (go to its "texture" folder, that is).
    Copy all the files to your clipboard.
    Go to the texture folder of your downloaded paint.
    Paste all the files. But: When the computer asks you wheter you want to replace existing files, say no (important)!
    Then try the virtual cockpit again and tell me if it works.


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    Couldn't have said it better rara, I was about to suggest that, but it sounded more like missing gauges to me and not out of place textures :o. Oh well, there will be misunderstandings sometimes ;-). I had this problem when I had the 737 UPS livery but I did exactly that and it solved the problem.

    Wings of London

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    Default RE: virtual cockpit

    I was sure you were going to suggest that, but I came a little bit earlier ;-) Just kidding, lets see if our friend can figure it out.


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    Melesi Guest

    Default RE: virtual cockpit

    Thaks BEn for your advice! VC works now perfectly!



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