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Thread: What causes a fatal error message in FSX?

  1. Unhappy What causes a fatal error message in FSX?

    Hi gang, I was wondering if the collective wisdom can give me some hints as to why I get a fatal error in FSX. Yes, I have Googled fatal error stuff but nothing really comes up that is of any help. Here is are the details: Sometimes I will get a fatal error message when from the get go when I click a particular aircraft and waiting for it to load at the gate; other times (the frustrating part) is when I am flying in an aircraft and adjusting trim, flaps, etc. the usual after takeoff duties and I go to right click on the panel and then it happens, the evil hour glass pops up and then the error message.
    I am running Ultimate Traffic 2 and that is the only add on I am running. No Ultimate Terrain, etc. The machine: Windows XP, service pack 3; Intel quad-core with 4 gigs of memory; graphics card is nVidia 9500 GT. FSX is the Gold Edition with both service packs 1 and 2. I even checked my UIAutomation Core dll to be sure that it was not corrupt. I even deleted the FSX configure file, etc.
    Ok, what else do I need to do before I delete everything and start over ugh! I really don't want to reload everything.
    I need suggestions, please.

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    AFAIK there is no single cause of the Fsx fatal error. A search of this forum for "fsx fatal error" resulted in 5 pages of posts. Check it out.
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    I checked the pages, "some of the five pages" deal with the fatal error message, there are other issues in those five pages. I am looking for a more specific answer. Thanks.

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    Ok, it just happened again. I was making my approach in a Cessna 185 from a short flight from KPTK to KFNT, I was on my final when I switched views to the outside to make sure I was lining up with the runway. And wham! the dreaded hourglass appeared and the fatal error message. Now what the hell causes this? Every was fine. I was flying IFR. I am about to lose my mind over this! Please does anyone have an idea? I read in one of the other posts that heat may be an issue. Heat? Hmm, I dunno know.

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    Once in awhile you can get lucky and find a hint in the error report as to what to look for also depending on which module faulted. If its an ntdll.dll error its usually an AI aircraft.cfg at fault for me. If I get a fsx.cfg/ scenery.cfg I usually rebuild the shader cache and rebuild the scenery database before resuming the flight. Other then that it could be a gazzilion things +/- a few thousand.
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    May just be a case of overly high settings but as the OP have said, there are zillions of possible reasons.

    Try moving the sliders down a bit and see if it still happens.

    Could be an aircraft or a piece of scenery you have installed (try not using/disabling).

    One of my recent problems turned out to be related to my default flight, so deleting that is next on my troubleshooting list after a rebuild of the fsx.cfg.

    Could be a setting you have made in your videocard software.

    Are you keeping an eye on your temperatures?

    Any tweaking you have done to fsx or your system in general could be to blame. Default your settings and see how that goes.

    These are only a few of the possibilities which can seem endless I'm afraid, but hope one of these turns out to work for you.

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    I have had similar problems and fatal error notices. Deleting FSX cfg and letting FSX build a new one has solved several of my problems, I also have learned to check the folders where my addons are and see if something doesn't belong. I was having AI problems. and after converting all AI to FSX with AIFP, I found old files in with an updated UT2, I removed them and again have my AI aircraft although that may not have been the cause. I get a fatal error on almost every time I shut down FSX, I don't know why but as long as it is on shutdown, I don't worry about it, odd though...The incident you report does sound like a graphics problem. You may find results by reducing your scenery sliders a bit, it seems like FSX is making the cpu scramble to produce those images, I have taken the suggestions I've gotten from this forum and reduced my sliders to get better smoothness on my computer even though its pretty fast at 3.6 Ghz.

    I don't have anything more sure to offer, just good luck and good flights, Cal

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I deleted and reinstalled Ultimate Traffic II and it seemed to solve the problem for now. I think there must have been a corrupted file(s) somewhere that was giving FSX fits.

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