I have just finished reinstalling FSX, added Rex 2.0 OD back in, and noticed that the water colors were a bit off. Around the shoreline FSX is displaying what Rex is identifying as tropical water (I verified this by the color of the water in Rex).

I posted this on the Rex forum and the developer informed me that Rex only colors the water based on what FSX identifies it as (which makes sense).

In my last version of FSX I did not have this problem and have probably modified either the water textures or how FSX identifies the type of water. I seriously doubt there is tropical water near Jacksonville Fla

My problem is, I have no clue which program I used to modify this, so I am hoping that my fellow FSX simmers could suggest some

I am looking to make the shore line water, the same color as the ocean is. I have attached a screen shot showing the 2 different colors.

Thx!!!Click image for larger version. 

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