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Thread: PMDG 747-400 TCAS and sids/stars problem

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    Default PMDG 747-400 TCAS and sids/stars problem

    I do hope these arent stupid questions.
    I have just installed my PMDG 747-400 and have 2 problems I am unable to solve myself.
    1. On the Nav Display it says TCAS OFF. I have changed the setting so the tcas runs from fs2004 and have pressed the traffic button on the EFIS panel but am still unable to activate tcas.
    2. When I input a route into my FMC and am on my depart / arrivals page, I am told no sids for my departure or stars for arrivals. How do I install my sids/stars so I can input them into my flightplan.
    I am running FS2004,on windows XP

    Any help on these problems apreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Let's see..

    1. You have to turn TCAS on from the radio panel. The EFIS switch only enables it for display.

    2. You can get current navigational data (including sids and stars) from - it's payware.

    3. You really, really, have to read the manuals in detail.

    4. You can get excellent tutorials from the PMDG site.

    5. The PMDG forum is over at and has a lot of folks willing to help...


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    If you still can't get TCAS to work try Concorde out that will have a built in TCAS and right click on the TCAS twice and it should work it worked on Concorde so it should work on any other aircraft.

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    Have you asked this on the PMDG forums?

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