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Thread: Suggestions For a 10,000rpm disk for FS9?

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    Default Suggestions For a 10,000rpm disk for FS9?

    I'm looking to get a 10,000rpm drive for use with FS9..........with that said, it doesn't need to be anything over 80gig. I'm willing to ebay one. Any suggestions or heads up on which brands are known to be good/bad?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The only smaller 10,000rpm ones I'm aware of are the Western Digital VelociRaptor 74GB SATA II version(WD740HLFS). Around $160usd. Quick check at showed some re-certified units under $75. Strangely though they are offering a 300GB unit(WD3000HLFS) for $99 and free shipping.

    Myself, I haven't had very good luck with used, or re-certified, drives or video cards. They always seem to bite me and end up being a waste of time and $$...Don

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    The 74GB Raptor is pretty old technology (there are three generations in the Raptor line-up - first generation was the 36GB and the 74GB models. Next came the 150GB and 300GB Velociraptors which were followed only recently by the 450GB and 600GB Velociraptors). Performance-wise, the latest 7200 RPM drives perform much the same as the second generation of Raptors so, if you are looking at buying a first generation Raptor (like the 74GB model), you are looking at old technology with performance below that of modern 7200RPM drives (like this one for example).
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    which brands are known to be good/bad?
    Western Digital is the only company that offers 10,000 RPM drives at the consumer level. Seagate and the others have high end 10,000+ RPM drives, but those are aimed at enterprise servers and high end workstations (and priced accordingly).

    SSDs are dropping in price, and you can get 80GB drives for under $200. These are much faster than any traditional hard drive.

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    Thanks guys for the advice. I haven't had much luck lately with either new or used drives. I've had two go on different computers in the last month. One a curbside extraction, and one a new purchase from newegg. (The curbside extraction lasted longer)

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