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Thread: FSX Crashes on Startup

  1. Exclamation FSX Crashes on Startup

    As the title states, my flight simulator crashes on start-up. It only started doing this last night and I have not put anything new on the computer. As soon as it opens, a message pops up saying "A fatal error has occurred: Windows is checking for a solution"
    Here are my computer specs:
    -Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
    -Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
    -6 GB Ram
    -Nvidia GeForce 9500GT
    -MFSX Acceleration
    Is there somewhere where I can check to see if anything that could cause this to happen. I also ran the repair which didn't work.

    Any suggestions accepted,

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    rename logbook.bin to logbook.old, then try rebooting. It might be youve corrupted the logbook.

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    Where do I find the logbook.bin?

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    Click on Start/Search, type in logbook. That should find it for you.
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    I found it, I changed the name, but it still didn't work. I appreciate the responses but I still need an answer.

    Thanks Again,

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    I've noticed something: When I change the name of the file Logbook.old, there is only one Logbook file which is the one I changed. When I open FSX, another Logbook file opens but this is named Logbook.bin. In the end, I end up having two Logbook files, one Logbook.old and the other Logbook.bin. Is there a way to stop the Logbook.bin from showing up?

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    Go to: C:...\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files and REMOVE the logbook file.
    Flight Simulator will make a new file by itsself.
    There is maybe a program who corrupted that file (e.g. VLC media player)

    Hope that helps...


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    I did what you said and it still didn't work, maybe that's not the problem. Thanks anyway.

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    I think the problem is that there is no fsx.cfg file anywhere to be found. I looked for it and I cannot find. Does anyone know where I can get the fsx.cfg file, I can't seem to find a download on the internet.


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    What do you mean with fsx.CFG?
    In my FSX folder, there isn't a fsx.cfg file...


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